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Mastodon - Leviathan (CD)

by Thanos Raikos at 17 August 2004, 10:59 PM

Mastodon in my opinion is one of the best Heavy Metal groups in the world. They proved it with their first full length album Remission (2002) which was a real surprise in the worldwide music scene. These four guys from the U.S.A. are back with their new album called Leviathan.
 My basic doubt was - and I think all of those who loved Remission share this doubt with me - if Mastodon could do as well as they had done on their debut. I took an answer when I heard Leviathan for first time. And the answer of course is that they can indeed do it better!
Leviathan is an album with ten great songs. The album begins with Blood And Thunder a really explosive song with amazing guitar riffs and some oriental guitar parts too; really interesting. The album continuous under the same tempo with I Am Ahab. Also some tracks begin with a slow and melodic way but later show their real face (Island, Megalodon).
The album ends in an opposite way compared to how it starts. With two songs, one instrumental Joseph Merrick and with a long length track, the highlight of the album, Hearts Alive. This song shows another musical personality of Mastodon and verifies the fact that they are great composers.
Worthy of admiration is also the fact that the band's members are very good players, especially the drummer Bran somebody stop me Tailor, who is one of the best drummers in the world right now; just listen to a song from Leviathan. The vocals are also excellent and they're like the 5th instrument in the band. Songs like Naked Burn and Hearts Alive have some melodic vocals which is a difference compared to their previous album, Remission, but don't worry as the screaming vocals are not absent!!!
The album's cover is also great, done by Paul Romano who continues in a way a strange tradition with a mythological beast being in all their album covers till now.
Mastodon proved with their last work that they are a band which knows how to make only good albums, and with Leviathan they are included among the most creative groups in the world. Mastodon must be proud of their excellent work but most important… we must be proud of them!

4 Star Rating

Blood And Thunder
I Am Ahab
Iron Tusk
Naked Burn
Aqua Dementia
Hearts Alive
Joseph Merrick
Bill Kelliher - Guitar
Brent Hines - Guitar
Brann Tailor - Drums
Troy Sanders - Bass & Vocals
Record Label: Relapse Revords


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