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Matt Mitchell & The Coldhearts - Matt Mitchell & The Coldhearts

Matt Mitchell & The Coldhearts
Matt Mitchell & The Coldhearts
by Craig Rider at 03 May 2019, 7:38 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: MATT MITCHELL & THE COLDHEARTS; signed via Rock ‘N’ Growl Records, hailing from England - performing Rock, on their self-titled debut album. (released April 19th, 2019)

Since formation in 2017; the band in question have only this here self-titled debut album in their discography so far, 12 tracks ranging at around 40:21…MATT MITCHELL & THE COLDHEARTS arrange an intricately designed formula of easy-listening Rock developments. "Black Diamonds" begins the record; conveying amplified aesthetics, attributing adroitly bouncy creativity - implementing infectious dosages of immersive adrenaline, electrifying flair and a constant barrage of frenzied flamboyancy…injecting a fluidly polished sound production while manifesting psychadelic synthesizers with the wonderously prestigious qualities of radio-friendly jams that showcase uniquely versatile vehemence. Composing a boistrous blend of constructively distinguished diligence, with the vast variety of orchestral persistence.

Consisting of vocalist/guitarist Matt Mitchell himself; the frontman delivers clean, high-pitched pipes of profusely robust ramifications. Songs like "Home" demonstrate elegantly complex dexterity, amalgamating blistering consistency…driving rhythms that wildly rush with thunderous technicalities, progressively primitive solidities and salubrious stabilities. Mauro Laconi on guitars also contributes an exquisite amount of riveting riffs and solos, as "On And On" distributes atmospheric ambience and blissful grooves in which execute crunchy craftsmanship and fabricated finesse – fueled hymns fired into catchy instrumentation and meticulous musicianship. Audible bassist Dom Ladd also offers thumpy pursuits of simplistic stomps, that shine with virtuosic melody. "Dare You To Watch" embellishes on experimental elements, efficiently contrasting distinctive harmonies and enjoyably entertaining detail.

Battering drummer Matt Cherry hammers his set with meaty pummeling; using slamming skill, promptly pounding proficiently with rambunctious stability. "Kings & Queens" converges anthemic capabilities; fusing gnarly efficaciousness, effective soundscapes that result remediously organic substance. Additional features include Stevie Watts on keys; portraying quintessential quirkiness of snappy blues-esquire innovations. "Unbelievable" describes this well, with the songwriting seamlessly supplying sonic transistions with tasteful orchestration subjugation - rapidly swifting with nimble subtlety. Lidia Alonso on cello generates original forges of eccentric evolutions of enlightening fulfillments, formulaic characteristics and assorted blends in which captivate with interesting yet calming heaviness.

"Do You Wanna Be My God" investigates more sophisticated variations that juxtapose with prestigious jumpiness, and persevering tempos that reward the listener with splendid swerve and expertise. Robert Cobb on trumpets also subjugates unprecedented traits of remarkable relishments, "Old Enough And Ugly Enough" brings light-hearted acoustic fragments; fastened with upbeat styles, and soulful slabs - mixed with intense power. Francois Deville on the lap steel engages on more professional precision; "Wave Goodbye" excels with flourishing hymns of bright fretwork, neo-classical hooks and coherent grit that will make you tap your feet in no time - nothing unsurprisingly extreme here but an admirable old-school stun of profound musicianship.

"Everything To You" enlists a borderline foundation of punchline prominence; dramatic emotion, in which is like a ripping tear that's sliced ever downward…yet still manages to lock my senses and keep listening. "Keep Me Safe" divulges aforemented abilities; frantically revolved around grungier hints, and mellifluous tones – euphonic brilliance, smeared with pleasant-sounding polyphonics while surrounded with splendid musicians and a blissful representation. Overall concluding "Matt Mitchell & The Coldhearts" with the epic finale track: "Waiting For The Sun"; I am compelled to say the solo artist recruited a successful partnership of ambitious aptitude, if you are looking for something less insane - MATT MITCHELL & THE COLDHEARTS are for you, as they certainly outdone themselves here - groundbreaking stuff.

Songwriting: 7
Memorability: 7
Originality: 8
Sound Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Black Diamonds
2. Home
3. On & On
4. Dare You To Watch
5. Kings & Queens
6. Unavailable
7. Do You Wanna Be My God
8. Old Enough & Ugly Enough
9. Wave Goodbye
10. Everything To You
11. Keep Me Safe
12. Waiting For The Sun
Matt Mitchell - Vocals, Guitars
Mauro Laconi - Guitars
Dom Ladd - Bass
Matt Cherry - Drums
Stevie Watts - Keys
Lidia Alonso - Cello
Rupert Cobb - Trumpet
Francois Deville - Lap steel
Record Label: Rock ‘N’ Growl Records


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