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Maverick – Break It Up

Break It Up
by Laura Cosheril at 17 January 2016, 3:36 PM

MAVERICK (Not to be confused with the lovely British Thrash Metal band) are a hard rock band from Madrid, Spain. They seem to pride themselves on being an 80’s revival band if their social media pages are anything to go by. For the 80s sound they rely on the harsh 80s production sound. If I had to compare, I would say they are a mix between EUROPE and WHITESNAKE.

“Break It Up” runs at just under the half an hour mark, which really isn’t much to boast about but I’ll keep that quiet. In reality, if this album had been any longer I would have lost interest. Right off the bat, the band hit their mark; we feel like we’re instantly thrown back in time to the 80s. Although before “You Must Come With Me” has ended we realise that MAVERICK are kind of boring. Their skills musically are admirable, David can sing, the rest of them can play their instruments but they can’t pull it together and be talented songwriters. In reality their cover of GARY MOORE’s “Out In The Fields” is the most exciting and standout song of the album – and it’s not even theirs!

Bitching aside, this album is enjoyable. The mini guitar solos in almost every song flow extremely well and don’t sound forced or out of place; not to mention they give me guitar envy! The songs are catchy, especially “Love Through The Shadows” which I found myself humming and singing along to before it had ended. The riff is also infectious and all in all has 90% of the making for an awesome song.

MAVERICK have given one Hell of an effort, that much is evident. Unfortunately they tend to sound like a Saturday night bar band. The band could do with learning a thing or two from their influences when it comes to their songwriting; but all in all a valiant effort from these Spaniards.

3 Star Rating

1. You Must Come With Me
2. Into The Mirror
3. Far From Over
4. Break It Up
5. Love Through The Shadows
6. Out In The Fields (Gary Moore cover)
David Requejado - Vocals
Angel Muñoz - Guitar
Alejandro Gabasa - Guitar
Javier Endara - Bass
Chris Giardino - Drums
Record Label: Inferno Records


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