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Maverick - Ethereality Award winner

by Patrick McMahon at 06 April 2021, 6:53 AM

With a long metal history and a renewed lineup, MAVERICK are hitting the scene again with a new album. With an April Fools Day 2021 release, this album includes all the MAVERICK trademarks. The promise of catchy, hook oriented songwriting and heaviness looms over the entire album. Although they make mention of the delay in their recording due to the pandemic, they have fought through and made it all come together. Let’s hear it then?

“Falling” breaks out of the gate gracefully, screaming old school metal with driven punchy tone to spare. The vocals soar across the soundscape and drive the track’s energy. This is going to hit all of the classic metal tropes for me, including a really well thought out guitar solo and a tremendously catchy chorus. To really kick things up a notch there’s even some jam block action from the drums. “Switchblade Sister” begins with soaring whoa ohs and quickly picks up to its metal pace. The guitar on this track is extremely playful and jumpy, which is a joy. Layered vocal elements across the track give it depth. There is a run, into the guitar solo, that is just so flashy and bright that it deserved a mention. Same expectations here as everything else, the chorus is just right and the track rocks front to back.

“Bells Of Stygian” is a little trip away from the album so far, with some clean guitar elements in the intro. This track overall has the same elements as anywhere else, the production is very well put together, but the guitar leads really seem to have a different feel in the track. It is kind of their place to shine, from clean to lead and melody. This one is for certain my favorite for guitar works alone. “The Last One” comes off (even to the band) as a bit ballad. I dig that! It almost takes their style of metal on a journey through 90’s alternative. The guitar solo recalls the thoughtful playing of legends gone by, as if it should be played atop a piano that is being played by the vocalist. Can we get that one on stage? That would be killer with this track.

This album really scratches the classic itch front to back. I absolutely enjoyed it. If you are out for the high-energy metal to cruise to, this is your album. On the highest notes, this album was an instrumental powerhouse. The only possible downside in this style is that some riffs come off as a little derivative, but this is all 100% brand new. I’m going to keep this one in the playlists for when I feel like I can’t drive 55.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 8
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Falling
2. Thirst
3. Never
4. Switchblade Sister
5. Bells Of Stygian
6. Angels 6
7. The Last One
8. Dying Star
9. Light Behind Your Eyes
10. Ares
David Balfour - Vocals
Ryan Balfour - Guitar
Ric Cardwell - Guitar
Richie Diver - Bass
Jason-Steve Mageney - Drums
Record Label: Metalapolis Records


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