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Maverick - Quid Pro Quo Award winner

Quid Pro Quo
by YngwieViking at 09 January 2015, 6:51 PM

No misunderstanding my friends, if Belfast’s MAVERICK seems that they are coming out of a time capsule : They are here to stay, because only two years after the self release of their ep, their first album is finally out, it’s a furious slab of Melodic Hair Metal with a lot of Hard Rock overtones and a few gimmicks borrowed to the 80’s, but much more than that, a strong and efficient songwriting team obsessed by finding the ultimate chorus or composing the greatest hook possible .

Except for the AORish “Shackled” that sounds like a new born child between FIREHOUSE and SIGNAL, it’s not easy to find clear similarities with other giants of the golden era, maybe the top triptych composed by “Snake Skin Sinner”, the catchy "Electric" and "Side By Side" are obviously set in this magical conjunction of heterogenous parameters in the sublime recipe of WINGER/HURRICANE or even RATT

This perfect combination of sonic element is composed by a multitude of influences ranging from 70’s groovy riff, to gang vocals choir to sleazy gimmicks, to precise voicing guitar interaction, a sharp edge in some riffage leading to a new brand of 80’s related Melodic Metal, neither a caricature,  or without being provided with the effects of pastiches or fluffy drift !

The players are in possession of the required abilities to reach the skilled level of the aforementioned legendary acts and Singer David Balfour uses mostly a gruff voice but also delivers some high pitched antics of the first order

The production design is in perfect concordance with their organic vintage sound, yet very clean and enough dynamic to compete easily with their contemporary contenders but the overall mood is much more positive and uplifting than the main core of today's releases , manifestly more fulfilling and entertaining than any new Sleaze band from Scandinavia !

A damn great debut album that arrives too late to be a part of my 2014 list but it should deserve a very high rank in any serious Hair Metal Top 10!

4 Star Rating

1. Event Horizon
2. Snakeskin Sinner
3. Paint By Numbers
4. Got It Bad
5. In Our Blood
6. One More Day (Quid Pro Quo)
7. Electric
8. Rock 'N' Roll Lady
9. Shackled
10. Last Addiction
11. Side By Side
12. Took The Night
David Balfour – Lead Vocals
Ryan Sebastian Balfour - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Ric Cardwell - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Richie Diver - Bass, Backing Vocals
Mike Ross - Drums, Guitar, Backing Vocals
Record Label: Massacre Records


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