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Mayfair - My Ghosts Inside Award winner

My Ghosts Inside
by Craig "Thrashing" Rider at 27 August 2016, 12:04 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! The Thrasher returns to give you an insight; this time, hailing from the glory of Germany on MAYFAIR performing Prog Metal…signed via Pure Prog Records on their 5th new album entitled: “My Ghosts Inside”.

Going in with low expectations, I acquaint myself with a Prog quintet…holy moly, Prog has been one of those kind of genres that are hit and miss for me, simply for how diverse the genre is. Don't get me wrong; diversity is a necessity in Metal, but sometimes I like it diversely simple in the genre in question…Prog is a genre for me that is a misconception where it tries to progress Metal, but at times I find Prog bands that sound so unrelenting messy, and just outright ridiculous that I simply don't enjoy them for that reason. However, on the off chance; I get a quartet like this here band: MAYFAIR…(the cigarette brand? …one may wonder…), and feel lucky to be acquainted with. Combining almost everything Metal is what Prog should be in my opinion; just slam dancing around, really doesn't sound good…but with “My Ghosts Inside” I dance, enjoyably, to one of the most original listens you'll discover this year - in 2016.

MAYFAIR basically combine all elementary forces of Metal, and yet they do it so well that for a Prog band; I'm surprised this album sounds enjoyably good. Mario "Le Fate" Prunster has some interesting vocal ranges to say the least; here and there, I find some nice growls, implemented with clean vocals that are fairly understandable. Riffery sounds astonishingly brutal here and there; from René's guitar work, Jolly on drums never disappoints and Johannes Leierer on bass pummels into force with unique prospective. My experience with Prog always ended up being a mess with most listens including the popular MASTODON; who I just can't seem to get into, but this here band definitely transcends the progressives of Metal into a more enjoyable experience that keeps things rhythmic with excellent adequacy. It's quite evident that just making a mess in your music will not cut it; unless that's your thing, have at it…

…but MAYFAIR are something spectacular; even as I begin “Loss” and the titular track “My Ghosts Inside”, I jam to a sound production that has no dispassionate formation and yet everything feels fresh with instrumental integrity. Elementary effects sound utterly unique and in rhythm; vocals, instrumentation, all composed with passion and integrity. Songs like “Desert”, “Blinded By Your Light” and “When Angels And Demons Meet” all have this brutalization to it that puts me into a nice groove. This quintet know how to implement the uniqueness of Prog and keep it in rhythm and not sound like an utter mess; keeping things atmospheric and still in tune with 100% commitment. This record enlightens me to say that Prog is a solidified genre and grants me an open-mind to discover more quartets; hopefully such as this. Aspirations to evolve into a gargantuan mammoth that is this here band; proves to me that they're Prog legends.

Our Fire Starts Here”, “Ghost Rider” and “Boom” all example in on similar formula to the rest that naturally speaks out equitable value to give the consumer an influential image; everything just sounds enlightening and unopposed. “Andermal”, “Schrei Es Raus” and “Until We Meet Again” end the album; showcasing interesting melodies that slows things down, yet speeds up again with their signature grooves that fit so well. Powerful harmonies make “My Ghosts Inside” one of 2016's most interesting and enlightening albums you'll find. If you're like me and really want to give Prog a chance; MAYFAIR will not disappoint. One could tell that the band made this a record to remember…originally and memorably, a fascinating listen that dispels my original opinion of the Prog genre – if I can find more talents such as this, I will be very pleased, as a music fan… So find your ghosts and party with this here brute!

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Loss
2. My Ghosts Inside
3. Desert
4. Blinded By Your Light
5. When Angels And Demons Meet
6. Our Fire Starts Here
7. Ghost Rider
8. Boom
9. Andermal
10. Schrei Es Raus
11. Until We Meet Again
René - Guitar
Mario Prünster  - Vocals
Johannes Leierer - Bass
Jolly - Drums
Record Label: Pure Prog Records


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