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Maze Of Torment - Hidden Cruelty (CD)

Maze Of Torment
Hidden Cruelty
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 20 May 2007, 3:38 PM

MAZE OF TORMENT was always a weird band for me. Not that they play something that is strange and beyond the known Metal borders, but because they always had obvious influences from other bands that they always were capable of filtering them through their own style. I was impatient to listen to their new album but unfortunately, it seems that this album was not worth the time I waited to grab it from the promo list.

 The Swedish Death/Thrashers were formed in 1996 in Strangnas. They have already managed to release six full-length albums (including this one) that have made their name be heard and create a respectable reputation on the Metal scene. After signing with Black Lodge, MAZE OF TORMENT released their previous album Hammers Of Mayhem in 2005, turning into a bit different style of sound. Now, with a new album, MAZE OF TORMENT clearly show their intentions.

The Hammers Of Mayhem album was a transient work for the band, that showed that their Death Metal influences were fading out. Now, the new album is a 100% aggressive Thrash Metal album. The fact is that I was completely disappointed with MAZE OF TORMENT. While listening to the album I realized that they haven't the same feeling they had a few years ago and all the old school Death Metal stuff have disappeared! The only thing that exists in the ten compositions of this album is SLAYER. The band always had many SLAYER influences, but this time the similarity is irritating! The riffing screams Kerry King and the drumming Lombardo! Thank God Erik's voice is not the same with Araya's! This time the MORBID ANGEL meets UNLEASHED spirit is absent. I really do not want to continue commenting. Complete disappointment.

If you already bought the latest SLAYER masterpiece do not even think about purchasing this rip off. MAZE OF TORMENT should better return to their old style because I personally think that this kind of music does not fit them.

2 Star Rating

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Hidden Cruelty
The Icons Burden
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Erik Sahlstrom - Vocals
Rickard Dahlin - Guitar
Magnus Lindvall - Guitar
Cloffe Caspersson - Bass
Kjell Enblom - Drums
Record Label: Black Lodge Records


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