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Mean Machine - Rock 'n' Roll Up Your Ass

Mean Machine
Rock 'n' Roll Up Your Ass
by Louise Brown at 27 August 2019, 4:34 AM

MEAN MACHINE was started during the year 2010 in Barcelona, Spain. Their discography currently consists of a total of five releases, including a demo, an EP and three full-length albums. 2019's "Rock 'n' Roll Up Your Ass" is their most recent contribution to the Thrash Metal scene.

The title track  "Rock 'n' Roll Up Your Ass," sets the pace of the album. You'll notice immediately a great deal of MOTORHEAD influence. Get used to it because much of the material on the album bears a strong resemblance to the legendary band's more popular songs. I don't think for a second that MEAN MACHINE was trying to copy the legendary band. What I do think is that the Spanish Thrash Metal band loves MOTORHEAD a great deal and has found a  pretty cool way of honoring them by carrying on their sound legacy. (Incidentally, the song is pretty great!) "Nitrobitch" has a slightly more classic Thrash Metal sound that reminds me of another well-known band in that genre, METALLICA. This would be old school METALLICA back when they were still young and extremely pissed off. The track is also fast-paced with lots of bravado, making it an anthem for "the boys" out there in the land of Metal. It easily grabs then holds on tightly to your attention. "Right Between The Eyes" is yet one more solid rocker of a song, with vocals that sound really similar to Lemmy's when he was a younger man. The song has numerous guitar riffs and hooks throughout, keeping its energy level high along with the overall volume. With the addition of heavy percussion the track becomes one of those that you'll probably play a couple times in a row.

"Powder" has raucous spirit to it that would light up any party where no one is over 30 and the alcohol supply lasts most of the night. It would be right at home on the soundtrack for either one of Kurt Sutter's motorcycle club series, too. The brashness of the vocals is what brought that idea to mind. The song itself is simple at heart, yet it ends up packing a punch as all of its parts blend together, making it far more complex than the listener expects. "Don't Mess Around With The Boys" isn't a bad song, but it bears a significant resemblance sound-wise to a couple of the previous tracks so I'm choosing to bypass writing about it. "Speed Patrol" starts with a bass solo that is eerily like those that Lemmy played from time to time during his time with MOTORHEAD. The vocals consist of shouting rather than singing. The approach is very effective, working well with the song's overall "F*ck you!" attitude. It's hyper-aggressive, irreverent and absolutely great! "Steamroll The Hammer" has a more rhythm-based intro with vocals that don't sound like the lead singer of of a certain British band for a change. The track is thrashy as well as loud with a great beat, courtesy of the excellent percussion. The song reminds of the work by a lesser-known Finnish Thrash Metal band called MADRED that I interviewed earlier this year. This song has an infectiously great sound, especially for the brief duration that it plays.  "Faster" begins with a bluesy guitar solo that quickly changes into something which moves along at break-neck speed. I'm impressed by the vocals which are also high-speed and LOUD. There are excellent guitar riffs throughout which truly sell the track. Anyone who loves Thrash Metal will get a lot of this one.

The last four tracks on the album sound similar to the other selections mentioned earlier. Each of them is perfect for those who are into aggressive music with a sound guaranteed to get your adrenaline flowing. I'm not going to pick among them with the idea of suggesting one as something you should listen. The smart thing to do would be to get the album so that you can pick your own favorites.

Songwriting:  8
Originality: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 8


4 Star Rating

1. Rock 'n' Roll Up Your Ass
2. Nitrobitch
3. Right Between the Eyes
4. Powder
5. Don't Mess Around with the Boys
6. Speed Patrol
7. Steamroll the Hammer
8. Faster
9. Hell of a Crossfire
10. Maniac
11. Ironclad
12. Don't Mess Around with the Girls

Raul Mesa -  Vocals, bass
Juan Pedro Quesada -  Guitars
Marc Tapies - Drums
Record Label: Fighter Records


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Edited 07 February 2023

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