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Mean Streak - Blind Faith

Mean Streak
Blind Faith
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 22 July 2017, 2:09 AM

Welcome back from the cold, I have been expecting you. It was eight years ago since the last time I reviewed a MEAN STREAK album, it was obviously their debut, “Metal Slave”, which signaled me quite clearly that Swedish Metal’s true might is its melodic polar. Time went by, from time to time I checked to see how the band was going, and later on even received the later albums from the band’s bass player, Peter Andersson. Flawlessly keeping their composure over the years, MEAN STREAK should have risen to a higher level in their local scene, and needless to say in Europe. Yes, but lady luck chose to gaze upon others instead. Oh well, at least the music remained the same from these guys, traditional and by the book Heavy Metal.

The band took its time, which in the process became a foursome crew, and was able to get the legendary Max Norman to co-produce the next album, that is quite an achievement. “Blind Faith” lived up to be the rightful title and it came along with a new label deal, the Greek Rock Of Angels Records. Even though MEAN STREAK have yet to reach to the A league, their newly written material suggests otherwise, they are already there, just not officially by the market. Constantly exploring Heavy Metal’s celebrated past, the Swedes have been venturing in the realms of SAXON / IRON MAIDEN / ACCEPT and taking a few notes from their veteran countrymen comrades, HAMMERFALL, swinging melodies all around them. Through the essence of “Blind Faith”, MEAN STREAK carved on themselves the deliverance of monumental heavy riffery that might hint of DREAM EVIL or MYSTIC PROPHECY, sounding more of the British Metal old heritage with the lead guitar solos and classic 80s Metal oriented harmonious vocals that have the tendency to mesmerize. It came to be a tradition, emphasizing a similar source yet trying to come up with new ideas in order to remain steady and relevant, nothing is forced upon, mainly honestly in a neat package.

“Blind Faith”’s songwriting is equal to the band’s solid in stone directive, easy to digest, expecting the larger than life chorus to take you on, waiting for the chance to sing along or mainly headbang your head to the sound of chopping selection of beats. “Animal In Me” was the first on the scene to grab my attention, sending a small voltage up my memory line of the first time I took a listen to the band’s music. Nonetheless, the Teutonic flame rose high as the riffs blasted my air waves. “Tears Of The Blind” is a trip back to the 80s, yet looking in through a softer, a little tendered spirit. A total sing-along, a memorable chorus blessed by well recorded harmonies, which made it more AOR than Metal. “Settle The Score” and “Come Undone” came to mercilessly obliterate with their chunky guitar riffs that could pump muscles while “Caught In The Crossfire” added another melodic and catchy power moment to its crushing riffs.

If the eighties decade would have sounded with such a praised sound, could its reign return for another decade? Judging by other releases of bands that have been abiding by the same rule book, there is a good chance that it would have been a hit once again. Only time will tell, as always. For now, you know the drill, “Blind Faith” is out now.

Purchase Link: Rock Of Angels Records

4 Star Rating

1. Blood Red Sky
2. Animal In Me
3. Retaliation Call
4. Settle The Score
5. Tear Down The Walls
6. Tears Of The Blind
7. Love Is A Killer
8. Come Undone
9. Fire At Will
10. Caught In The Crossfire
11. Gunnerside
12. Smile Of A Clown
Peter Andersson - Bass
Andy La Guerin - Vocals & Guitar
Jonas Källsbäck - Drums
Thomas Johansson - Lead Guitar
Record Label: Rock Of Angels Records


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