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Meander - Meander

by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 18 June 2020, 4:28 AM

As time passed by since the 50’s, when Rock ‘n’ Roll came to be a commercial success, a process of fragmentation began, creating new Rock genres and subgenres, as if someone could break a piece of wood until find an atom (or even more deeper, as Quantum Physics states). Today, as a reverse thing, many bands use the fusion of subgenres to create something personal. And the Belgian band MEANDER shows this on its 4-track EP “Meander”.

To call the band’s music as Post-something would be a way to say that their music is unconventional. In reality is a melodic and introspective form of mixing influences from Metal, Rock, Progressive Rock and something from Hardcore (due the crude ambiance of some parts and a dose of aggressiveness). It could be described as a melodic and adrenalized form of Shoegaze with some crude approach from the 70’s. But it’s not something astonishing for now, but the tendency is to improve in the future. The sonority was created to be clean and to enable the musical expression of their music to be fully understood. It’s clean and defined, but the crude ambiance is given by the use of organic instrumental tunes, as the band was recording a rehearsal (but with a high quality level, of course).

“Thousand Shapes” shows some complex musical arrangements with an introspective approach, but sounds accessible and tender, with good drumming and playing from bass guitar. On “Sowing the Seeds of Ruination”, some influences from old Hardcore appear due the fast parts and backing vocals, and good guitar riffs can be heard. Dense and with a crude essence that can remind BLACK SABBATH in some moments is “Fading Light” (that presents some nasty voices in some moments). And “Unwavering” is a melodic and lysergic Progressive Rock travel in some parts, but with some modern touches.

Of course, as written above, their work still has to evolve a bit more before becoming something that can compete with other bands on such musical format, but MEANDER shows musical potential to do so. For now, a listening on “Meander” is a good experience.

Musicianship: 8
Songwriting: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Thousand Shapes
2. Sowing the Seeds of Ruination
3. Fading Light
4. Unwavering
Record Label: Independent


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