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Mechanical God Creation - The New Chapter

Mechanical God Creation
The New Chapter
by John Paul Romero at 20 February 2019, 7:04 AM

MECHANICAL GOD CREATION’s “The New Chapter” is an album that both technical death metal and melodic death metal fans will enjoy. Comprising of twelve tracks with a total play time of exactly 48 minutes, this album is surely worth your time.

The opening title track sets the pace from the start, creating a good tension buildup. Entering the arena right away is “I Am The Godless Man” with its avalanche of a drum intro supported by a haunting mantra. Here, they showcased exactly what they are all about. Lucy is such a beast and actually growls like CHTHONIC’s Freddy Lim. In the middle of the strong bass and sophisticated solos is the astonishing drum arrangement. Carlo Molinara is a beast as well, and he certainly is located at the center stage. Following shortly is “Till the Sun is no Longer Black”. In this song, they go all-out assault. Each note is delivered in a very straightforward manner to blow your face off. The combination of technical, melodic, and brutal elements are seamlessly blended. However, the one element that gets the highest regard for me is the technicality. The song is very swiftly delivered, and it is very meticulously detailed. The song’s got crazy shifts in pace and time signature, combine that with a very astonishing drumming and a masterful axemanship (there are lots of mind-blowing drum breaks and guitar solos in the song) and you’ll get an example of how amazing “Dream Theater gone death metal” could be.

“Overlord” is second in the three-part sequence sandwiched by two semi-acoustic instrumentals. This time, they played with a slower, gloomier and much heavier atmosphere. The song also signaled the shift of pace in the second half of the album, where they elected to play in a much darker and heavier approach – but that is until “Red Blood on White Snow” puts the icing on the cake, putting a decent finish with the same intensity brought by the opening track.

The album is a fair one, the talent is clearly on display. They wisely took advantage of their strongest bone – the drums. They have given the drums a ton of moments to take over and steal the stage, which helped them a lot. However, there is something that concerned me that need to be mentioned. I enjoyed the album at first listen, but after a couple of loops, I noticed that something is missing – something essential in our genre. What is it? – The headbang factor. The songs have cool and decent riffs, but majority of the times it is missing in action. There are also times where the rhythms can be barely heard because it was drowned by the vocals and drums. Honestly, with its amazing musicality, I did not really notice the missing headbang factor at first listen. But then again, after playing it a couple more times, it is clear that the songs here are not the kind of songs that you can use to challenge your friend to try not to headbang.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 6
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. The New Chapter
2. I Am the Godless Man
3. ‘Till the Sun Is No Longer Black
4. Walking Dead
5. Before the Dawn (pt.I)
6. Overlord (pt.II)
7. What Remains (pt. III)
8. Black Faith
9. Dark Echoes
10. Bow to Death
11. Warface
12. Red Blood on White Snow
Fabrizio “Jesus” Biondi – Bass
Carlo Molinara – Drums
Francesco – Guitars
Lucy – Vocals
Mirko – Guitars
Record Label: The Goatmancer Records


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