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Mechanik War III - The Unholy Sin Award winner

Mechanik War III
The Unholy Sin
by Ashley O'Brien at 13 January 2023, 5:52 AM

MECHANIK WAR III has returned to the industrial metal scene with new band members and an even deeper sound. Massaker returns to the new album, “The Unholy Sin,”  as vocalist and creator, along with mysterious bandmates that have been hereto unnamed. The album as a whole is a fantastic work of art. Rife with chanting, bells, and an ominous choir amongst intense double drumming, masterful guitar work, and deep, throaty growls, it could easily be mistaken for a soundtrack for a scary movie or a horror game. Throughout the album, listeners get to enjoy throaty, unclean vocals that all the while remains intelligible, along with other “voices,” akin to sermons or political speeches, and some, brief moments of clean vocals. Some listeners may find themselves overstimulated by the effects and sounds added to already robust, intense music, but fans of industrial metal will no doubt find the album a potent combination.

“The Unholy Sin”  certainly brings a unique sound, so much so, that throughout the album, songs sometimes blend together. Even so, there are several moments that shine bright. “High Priests of the Apocalypse” is very accessible. It has a distinct, gorgeous melody only heightened by Masakker’s vocals. “Rise For the Emperor” also has a distinct melody and is easy to get into. It comes across as a bit gimmicky, and vaguely reminiscent of Star Wars, but is especially delightful. It also includes a fantastic breakdown at 5:16. “A Land of Crows” is likely the most interesting song on the album. The music gives the distinct sound and feel of the wild west, especially a gorgeous haunting guitar solo near the end, and yet, the song never feels out of place on the album. The vocals are particularly satisfying on this song for those who love singers who growl.

MECHANIK WAR III’S third album, “The Unholy Sin, ” comes together as a complete package. It may not make for casual listening, but it will engage readers who love drama, story, and intensity in their metal.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Upon the Funeral Bells
2. The Unholy Sin
3. Cenobite Priests
4. The Ritual
5. High Priests of the Apocalypse
6. Rise For the Emperor
7. A Land of Crows
8. At War with the Nazarene
9. When God Betrayed Us All
Masakker – Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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