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Medebor - Dark Eternal

Dark Eternal
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 22 November 2017, 9:03 AM

Gothic/Death/Doom Metal band MEDEBOR formed in Poland in 1997. The first full-length was released in 2003, but then a long hiatus until the second in 2012. Five years following that, we have the band’s third full length here, titled “Dark Eternal.” The album contains eight new tracks.

“Forest of Deranged” is a ten-minute opener. Whispered vocals with robust thickness utter some opening words that I can’t quite make out, except for the general subject of desolation. They rise and fall with anger and emotion, as a bell rings ominously in the background. The grind of the main riff combined with the meaty vocals is punishing. They eventually give way to a clean vocal passage and here is where some of the Gothic elements come into play. “Oblivion Came so Quiet” is much shorter and a more succinct display of doom and gloom. The clean vocals are absolutely weeping in their delivery, bringing a despondence that reverberates things as pain, loneliness, and death. The harsh vocals bring another level to this foreboding feeling.

“Gehenna” is a destination for the wicked souls…literally “hell” in Christina and Islamic religion. The song “The Eve of Gehenna” here is reflective of this destination…a slow and grinding riff with down trodden vocals that are devoid of hope and wallow in despair. “Never to be Forgotten” has an aggressive and heavy riff that echoes the harsh vocals in unison, marching forward like a war cry. It is thick with resolve and an attitude that never yields. I love the trippy bass line that opens “Pray Nightfall.” It is simple but effective in establishing a doomy sound and the effects are a bonus. Sounding like a Metal version of THE CURE, or even HIM in his darker moments, it has a lovely depression that is easy to connect with on your not-so-good days that we all have from time to time. “Desolation will be Mine” harkens back to the theme we heard in the opening words of the first track. Think about how twisted with despair someone would have to be to want desolation. Or, is it a sign of the times and a good social commentary on the state of the affairs in this fucked up world we live in? Either way, the song is wonderfully distressing in this manner.

“In the Shrine of a Pale Moon” closes the album. Like a reaper on a horse, it wanders leisurely without haste, as death is imminent regardless. It’s a good closing bit of doom for an album that really features a several different elements in the genre of Metal. The constant throughout is certainly that sweeping feeling of despair that you cannot shake, and the various methods that they use to keep this feeling there display a seasoned sense of songwriting. Fans of Doom and Gothic Metal will surely find this to their liking.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 8
Memorabilty: 7
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Forest of Deranged
2. Oblivion Came so Quiet
3. The Eve of Gehenna
4. Never to be Forgotten
5. Pray Nightfall
6. Desolation will be Mine
7. Souls Dwell on Crimson Veil
8. In the Shrine of a Pale Moon
Andrzej Bucikiewicz - Vocals
Jarosław Pieczonka - Guitars
Maciej Boroś - Guitars
Michał Kijewski - Bass
Tadeusz Dobrzyński – Drums
Record Label: Via Nocturna


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