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Medevil - Conductor Of Storms Award winner

Conductor Of Storms
by Craig “Thrashing” Rider at 11 November 2016, 12:38 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! The Thrasher returns to present to you, MEDEVIL; signed independently, hailing from Canadian grounds…on their debut album entitled: “Conductor of Storms” – performing Power/Thrash Metal.

Active since 2014, the quintet in question, MEDEVIL, have prominently produced a single album since then. This here record, “Conductor of Storms”. With only 2 years in creation; the quartet clearly have proficiency on their adeptness to showcase professionalism in their musicianship, and from what I've heard, we are most certainly dealing with a band who have the intelligence and competence in the sub-genres of said preference. Implementing the might of Power Metal, and the speediness of Thrash Metal, can only mean one thing; energetic glory!

From the first track, “Nightwalk”, you enter into ferocious sound production that screams immense immersion of stunning riffery that explodes with rage; the perfect analogy for the sub-genres? I think so. With the implementations in place, there is more stunning elements that could mistake the atmosphere for a Doom Metal band. Liam Collingwood on vocals, showcases some intense screams that, while I can't compare, he has some unprecedented cords that sound like he was squeezing his balls for the entirety of the record (use your imagination). Songs like “Machination Factory”, explore more in-depth transitions for more complex instrumentation on an epic scale. Gary Cordsen on guitar showcases dexterity in his galloping riffery that begs one to air-guitar with power. Similarly found with Bret Gibbs, also on guitar. “An Empty Glass” composes some enjoyable songwriting with elegant efficiencies to the sub-genres.

In The Distance” is where things get interesting; adding some atmospheric value keeps things feeling ultimately unique for a Thrash/Power band. Similarly found with “The Angel Of Rain”, which tones everything down on an epic scale, but with good intentions to create that perfect blend of very medieval story telling. While it might put you off if you're here for a full-on Thrash 'N' Bash session, I wouldn't let that discourage you to check the record out at least once. “A Sacrifice”, “Escape”, & the 12:03s long, “The Fabled Uxoricide”, excel at some exquisite songwriting while keeping the sound production sounding very solid, and yet throwing in a memorable listen evidently premises unprecedented originality. We mustn't forget about the powerhouse Eric Wesa on bass, and Ross Collingwood for their contributions to this epic record.

What's brilliant about “Conductor of Storms” is that it emanates the essence of old-school Thrash Metal with a dash of New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (NWOFBH for short) and hinted elements of early American Metal. Even in this day and age, there are still bands willing to give their efforts to keep the origins of Metal going strong, and that's a damn good thing. MEDEVIL are the closest thing you'll get to this incentive; definitely worthy for old fans and new.

Songwriting: 9
Memorability: 9
Originality: 9
Sound Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Nightwalk
2. Machination Factory
3. An Empty Glass
4. In The Distance
5. The Angel Of Rain
6. A Sacrifice
7. Escape
8. The Fabled Uxoricide
Liam Collingwood - Vocals
Gary Cordsen - Guitar
Bret Gibbs - Guitar
Eric Wesa - Bass
Ross Collingwood - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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