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Medicated – Descension

by Quinten Serna at 17 July 2020, 3:42 PM

“You are the Solipsist, I am nothing but an extension of you.” Works of grandeur beget grand imagery, yet some examples are a bit more enchanting and vicarious than others of their ilk, and as HENRY ROLLINS once penned, some are a stark and cold reminder of our interdependencies. MEDICATED, having now just released their debut, “Descension,” followed a similar philosophical line of reasoning and created a grandiose work composed of musings heavier than the reality that had borne them.

The albums begins with fervor a rush of instruments with no pause or build up, a strike to the iron and a blow to the mind; “Fallen One” tapers a bit within the progression of its introduction but becomes focused as the first verse commences—the whole of the song is just a torrent of headbanging. Starting with an eerie ambiance, “Recitation,” quickly forgoes the atmosphere in favor of staccato rhythms and a heavy bass line. “Heaven In Shadows” has itself a more intricate buildup before modulating into the verse.

Deliverance” is a track filled with hastened riffs and a relentless rhythm, it’s just about the most Thrash laden track on the entirety of the album and bears that distinction with great pride. “I Rise” is perhaps my favorite song on the album, being composed of intricate rhythms, an in-your-face groove, and a creepy solo.

The instruments are something pristine, melding with one another to form a larger-than-life soundscape completely captivating the listener in its full band onslaught. The guitars are bitter, remorseless, and aggressive guiding the listener across the expanse of grinding metal; the bass is powerful, stoic, and engaging providing the foundation for the rest of the band as well as driving the entirety of the music; the drums are in the pocket, consistently powerful, and color in the edges of the soundscape with cymbal accents; the vocals are immeasurably powerful drawing the focus in every song whether it be through belts, growls, or reaching screams—the intensity and delivery of Aleksi’s singing reminds me a great deal of Johnny Gioeli.

Of a sound and substance all their own, MEDICATED, carves forward a path set in stone with tools of metal and rage of which few can hope to follow—their first full length LP serves as both a great introduction to the band for anyone unfamiliar to their sound, and as a great payoff to fans that have been waiting for a full release. Approaching the duration of a feature length film, “Descension” has a great amount of material to offer, from the up front and personal approach of “Fallen One” to the harmonious “My Descent” the album is filled with a myriad of intensities.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Fallen One
2. Breakdown
3. Recitation
4. Delusion
5. Heaven In Shadows
6. I Will Fall
7. Deliverance
8. End Of Lifeline
9. Next In Line
10. I Rise
11. Chains Of Gone
12. My Descent
Jani Kinnunen – Bass
Pertti Pätsi – Drums
Samuli Hyttinen – Guitars
Dani Nuutinen – Guitars
Aleksi Sihvonen – Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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