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Medicine Ball Caravan - Crossing The Seas, Spreading The Sins (CD)

Medicine Ball Caravan
Crossing The Seas, Spreading The Sins
by Grigoris Chronis at 02 December 2007, 3:30 PM

We have come for your daughters
So you'd better lock your fuckin' doors
I'm tellin' ya!!
We are ready to rock!
Are U ready to roll?
And now I'm asking: is MEDICINE BALL CARAVAN ready to rock your guts out?
Crossing The Seas, Spreading The Sins will be released in early January 2008 and the first thing that caught my attention was the French Heavy Rock 'n' Roll band's choice to record a cover of CIRCUS OF POWER's Call Of The Wild. Whoever can recall this NY, USA thunderous outfit will evoke their immense 1988 same-titled debut, an LP full of tattoo, liquor 'n' beer, philth and rockin' grooves. Similar to the vibe of CIRCUS OF POWER, I was looking for the band paying homage to AC/DC or (70s) AEROSMITH or MOTORHEAD or HANOI ROCKS or (rockin') ALICE COOPER with Crossing The Seas, Spreading The Sins spreading the fundamental ideals of in-you-face hard hittin' rock music, as this is featured in most of the Perris Records catalogue. Eventually, it all depends on MEDICINE BALL CARAVAN's dynamics. Are they ready 'n' willing to deliver?
Well, this French outfit is more '70s' than I imagined. Even 60s, at times? The sound is totally 30-35 years old. You can see lots of JIMI HENRIX or CREAM - or MOUNTAIN - in the guitar worx, while Matt's voice really is smoking and full of 70s/80s dust. To compare with the pre-mentioned anticipation, it is believed that AEROSMITH of the 70s is an ideal source of inspiration for MEDICINE BALL CARAVAN to write powerful rockin' tunes. Sleaze Rock/Metal fans may find some interest in this one, if they can stand the 'too retro' (for their likes) sound; HANOI ROCKS' jingle is more modern while NEW YORK DOLLS would be a nice fittin' for a co-headline tour, ha ha. Let's cut the crap: MEDICINE BALL CARAVAN offers an 'old old fashioned' album full of retro spark and some interesting songwriting for lovers of the 70s' renditions. (even) FIREBIRD devotees or 'high' CULT followers will smile with this one.
MEDICINE BALL CARAVAN is currently seeking for a bass player. Picturing out a summary, full requirements should include a fellow with special apprehension for booze, more than 66% of his body covered in tattoos, some tension for 'up all night, sleep all day' behaviour plus a portable A1 size poster of Easy Rider in full fatigue. Apply?

3 Star Rating

We Have Come For Your Daughters (Intro)
Tattooed Heart
Crack A Smile
Call Of The Wild
Only 4 U
Good Times/Bad Times
New Girl In Town
Rattlesnake Bite
Put The Record On
We Have Come For Your Daughters (Outro)
Matt - Vocals
Rod - Guitars
Jay - Drums
Miriam - Bass
Record Label: Longfellow Deeds Records


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