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Medico Peste - The Black Bile Award winner

Medico Peste
The Black Bile
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 12 March 2020, 12:19 AM

From their promo sheet, “In recent years, many Polish black metal bands have found their way to the forefront of the scene. Sharing live musicians with the titans of MGLA, MEDICO PESTE approach common narratives in Black Metal from a darker and more twisted state of mind than their contemporaries. The five- piece embrace a different look at death, religion, the Devil and his work, by exploring the distorted views of a tormented, neurotic subject and his schizophrenic visions.” “The Black Bile” contains seven tracks.

“God Knows Why” opens with a hearty darkness that is bursting at the seams with rage. It reminds me of the Progressive Black Metal band IHSAHN, pushing the boundaries of the genre into uncharted territories. The vocals are absolutely vile, and the music is beyond harrowing. This is some very intense music. “All too Human” is a little slower in pace, but not much in the way of less intensity. It takes a pause around the half way mark, for the filthy creatures to begin to develop in the abyss. Then it’s business as usual when the sound returns.

“Numinous Catastrophy” opens a bit on the light side, but there is madness bubbling under the surface. It comes out with the vocals drop. The instruments create a dissonance that is both evil and nearly devoid of melody. “Were Saviors Belivers?” opens with a bloody mess…raging drums and guitars, and some odd chord progressions. When they talk about “neurotic subjects and schizophrenic visions,” you can hear them come to life in this song. The music is chaotic, but yet structured at the same time.

“Skin” opens with bass guitar and some distorted guitars. The drums roll forward while the bass picks up the melody for a spell. Intense, hateful vocals rage, unrelenting. The guitars pick up the melody for a spell and you feel lost, in a cold dark place, never to escape. “Holy Opium” features some trippy elements along with your darkest thoughts coming to life in front of you…all those vile things you want to do materialize in front of your eyes. “The Black Bile” closes the album. A blood-curdling scream opens the song, along with guitar dissonance. It begins a slow build through the end, as everything comes crashing down around you and the world you once knew is gone forever.

Season of Mist never disappoints. “The Black Bile” from MEDICO PESTI is indeed a vile, twisted journey, through the mind of someone who should be committed to an institution for life, and never allowed to see the sun or the sky again. It’s amazing how they worked in these visuals into their music. At times I had to look around to make sure I didn’t summon a demon while listening to this music. The incensed vocals are probably the main culprit here. There is something well beyond hate in Lazarus’s voice. The album is unique, original, and fresh, while still retaining those traditional Black Metal elements.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. God Knows Why
2. All too Human
3. Numinous Catastrophy
4. Were Saviors Believers?
5. Skin
6. Holy Opium
7. The Black Bile
Lazarus – Vocals, Guitar
The Fall – Bass, Guitar
Nefar – Guitar
E.V.T – Guitar
Desolator – Drums
Record Label: Season of Mist


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