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Medieval Demon - Medieval Necromancy

Medieval Demon
Medieval Necromancy
by Brian “Metal” Morton at 15 June 2018, 11:46 AM

Created in the great country of Greece comes Medieval Demon with their old school Black Metal sound. The albums first track "Chthonic Curses" had given me hope for the whole album up until the fifty second mark. Thats when I realized that this was just another Black Metal album with low quality production. "Spells of the Akkadian Priests" is the second up on this very long and drawn out nine track album. There is absolutely nothing that stands out in my opinion. I know there are Trv Cvlt Metal Heads out there that would disagree with me.

"Invisible Black Magic Ritual" tries way too hard to sound evil. Subtlety is key to writing a evil sounding song. They apparently are summoning everything for some reason. I will say this, the Drum work is pretty good though. "Les Litanies de Satan" is just three minutes of I guess a chant of some sort. I did not understand its purpose what so ever and I take it as just a filler track. Track 5 "Moldy Wings of Death" is just that. Old over used and moldy and needs to fly to its death. "Ancient Evil in the Woods" is the sixth track on "Medieval Necromancy". If I had to pick a favorite song this would be it. Even with it sounding like it was recorded in a cave on an old tape deck.

"Blackmoon Sacrifice" wasn’t that bad either. It was actually had a kind of groovy feel for a Black Metal band. At least up to the point of screaming out Satanus for no reason. It would probably be a song I would keep in my collection of music. Then we come to the song "Into the Caves of Blood". It should have been named Blast beats and Keyboards. Only savior on this track was once again the Guitars played by Jim Necrochrist. The self titled track "Medieval Necromancy" sounds like a cookie cutter version of all underground Black Metal.

And finally we have the final song called "The Great He Goat". Once again keyboards and chanting. Honestly its a terrible way to end an album. You should leave your fans wanting more at the end of an album not stick them with a woman talking over keyboards. All in all I really didn’t like this album. Sorry MEDIEVAL DEMON but seriously with better production I bet you all would be fantastic.

Songwriting: 5
Memorability: 1
Originality: 1
Production: 0

1 Star Rating

1. Chthonic Curses
2. Spells of the Akkadian Priests
3. Invisible Black Magic Ritual
4. Les Litanies de Satan
5. Moldy Wings of Death
6. Ancient Evil in the Woods
7. Blackmoon Sacrifice
8. Into the Caves of Blood
9. Medieval Necromancy
10. The Great He Goat
Lord Apollyon - Drums/Keyboards
Sirokous - Vocals
Jim Necrochrist - Guitars/Bass
Damien Omen - Drums
Record Label: Cryptia Productions


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Edited 07 February 2023

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