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Medusa Touch - Insanities

Medusa Touch
by MetalWim at 01 February 2023, 2:23 PM

First erupted in 1982, the Scottish NWOBHM band MEDUSA TOUCH was around until 1990. That’s when they disbanded, only to be resurrected in 2019. The same year that the compilation album “Terror Eyes: The Compilation” was released. That’s when their music first became available to the wide world of NWOBHM lovers. As I have never heard that release, I really can’t comment on the contents. Whether it is anything you should consider looking into is something you might be able to decide after you have read my review for their latest album “Insanities” and maybe also after you have listened to it yourself.

The first thing that was very clear is that the vocals and lead guitar are too much in the forefront in  comparison to the rest of the instruments and music. It makes listening to MEDUSA TOUCH  a tad uncomfortable, as singer Gogsy isn’t exactly in the same class as BRUCE DICKINSON & ROB HALFORD. Not that he is a bad vocalist, far from it, but his achievements don’t justify his very prominent position in the sound. The same goes for Nige. He is quite the god guitar player, but doesn’t have the quality of a GARY MOORE & EDDIE VAN HALEN to be put forward to blatantly.

Having said that I can’t escape the fact that MEDUSA TOUCH are a rather pleasant band to listen to. Their NWOBHM has all the aspects that you would expect from that era, only with a proper sound. They are not slow, but not fast either. They are solid, with a good foundation from the drums and bass. Yes, even with the flaws I mentioned I can only agree that the sound on “Insanities” is quite good, making it easy to listen to. Which makes me wonder how they will sound live. Not really a strange question, as I have seen that they have gigs planned. With a proper sound engineer they should be quite good on stage, I would have thought.

All this makes me wonder why we never heard of MEDUSA TOUCH back in the eighties, because if they were half as good as they are in “Insanities”, they would have been worth checking out in the first place. To find out if such is so I will have to answer the question I asked at the start. To check out the compilation album “Terror Eyes” yes or no. well, I am leaning towards the positive answer. Maybe that will answer what I was wondering about.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1 Committed To The Cause
2 Fallen Back
3 Get Down
4 Metropol 3324
5 The Shooter
6 Asylum
7 Secrets Never Told
8 Money Shot
9 Dancing Angels
10 Stand Your Ground
11 When The Poison Flows
Gogsy – Lead Vocals & Guitar
Nige – Guitar & Backing Vocals
Demy – Bass & Backing Vocals
Bruce – Drums & Backing Vocals
Record Label: Devil's Clause Records


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