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Medusa - Clash Of The Titans (CD)

Clash Of The Titans
by Grigoris Chronis at 18 May 2005, 6:32 AM

In 1978-1979 there was a band called Medusa. Based in the Worcestershire area, Britain, founding members Lance Perkins (guitar) and Eddie Smith (drums) at some time offered the vocal duties to a guy named Steve… Steve Grimmett. Maybe the rest about him is history, but history needs company in this special (and I mean it) Majestic Rock release.
Medusa was Grimmett's first serious band. Later on, the man behind this incredible voice became well known for his deeds with Grim Reaper (three albums during the mid-to-late 80's, one being better than the other) and cult Bristol thrashers Onslaught (1989's In Search Of Sanity is simply the best Master Of Puppets copy/paste album). With his own band, Lionsheart, Grimmett has already released four albums - the same titled debut including the Portrait anthem - and who knows what else is in his pig-shaped head for the near future…
Meanwhile, the other two Medusa actors decided to change Field of Play, joining the ranks of (also) cult sleaze spray boys Wrathchild. Named as Lance Rocket and Eddie Star, I believe it's a little bit useless to carry on with their bio too, since drifting  away from our goal, which definitely is…
…Clash Of The Titans. Not the most appropriate title - in my humble opinion - but the information inside is what mostly counts. So, this album is a compilation of demo recordings, rehearsal stuff, live cuts and all the obscure shit that can turn into a full-length release. The production can do nothing more, the sound is so shitty that you may be struck by a heart attack if you're an e.g. average Symphony X fan. On the other hand, who cares? This compilation is not out as a selling unit, it's a result of a hard work (from Grimmett himself, I believe) to gather and mix all this stuff aging for over twenty five years.
And as for the compositions themselves? Directly in the NWOBHM vein, Medusa show their devotion to the elements of Judas Priest and U.F.O. in songs that - I think - were ahead of their time. Straightforward guitars enriched by interesting solos, some epic parts in certain melodies, great vocals - even if immature (Grimmett was 16-18 years old) - and an appealing outfit in general.
You're into NWOBHM for good? Grab it. You assume Saxon is a British band because they've been around for 25 years? Go get something else (Nightwish, for example). You seek perfectionism in sound engineering? Holy shit, run away to the closest Dream Theater or Steve Vai store! But, if you wanna see what Mr. Grimmett did as a teenager, get this CD. The songs are motivating, if you can stand the lack of good sound. By the way, gems are really dirty in their pure form…

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Too Far Too Soon
Conquest Of The Skies
Turn To Stone
Getting Faster
Buried Alive
Lady Killer
Ripper's Delight
Can't Get Away
Lady Killer (Live Rehearsal)
Ripper's Delight (Live Rehearsal)
Too Far Too Soon (Live Rehearsal)
Can't Get Away (Live Rehearsal)
Steve Grimmett - Vocals
Lance Perkins - Guitar
Eddie Smith - Drums
Record Label: Majestic Rock


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