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Mefitis – Emberdawn Award winner

by Liam Easley at 16 September 2019, 7:23 PM

Blackened Death Metal is known for its menacing compositions and sinister riffs. Enter MEFITIS, the band that blends Death Metal and Black Metal to make it seem natural. Dubbing themselves as “Dark Metal”, the band released their debut full-length, “Emberdawn”, on Aug. 13, 2019.

Starting with the 2018 single “Widdrim Hymn”, it is very clear that this duo is very capable when it comes to songwriting. With a thematic riff that journeys through multiple phases within the first minute, the song boasts incredible flow and ridiculously good progression. Each second of the song within the first minute is providing the listener with something new to bite off.

This music is devastating. It reaches into your mind, wraps around it and explodes with pure fury and cerebral beauty. With the dark, blackened riffing comes DISSECTION-like melody and even peaceful, atmospheric passages. The title track is most notable for atmosphere, being seven minutes of chaotic, bitter riffing balanced out by peaceful atmosphere all while maintaining flow.

Progressive elements are seen throughout the album as well. “Obliterating ‘I’”, my personal favorite, features the first glimpse at what this band can do in the field of Progressive Metal, showing off very heavy riffs reminiscent of CYNIC. More progressive themes are seen when riffs and other motifs are repeated throughout multiple tracks. The more atmospheric sections, when listening with a careful ear, portray this the most, giving the album a PINK FLOYD vibe.

I was actually contacted by Pendath, one of the two members of the band. He told me about how all of the choral passages on the album are not from a keyboard but are instead Vatha and Pendath’s voices layered over one another. The choral sections are most exhibited on the first part of “Kolossos”. This aspect alone gives a great deal of respect to not only the album but also the band.

To add to the many layers of this album, the songwriting shines above all. The first track is a perfect example of this, as I mentioned, but even in the simplest riff on this record there is a second guitar part for it. There is not one riff that doesn’t have some sort of “counter riff”. At least, I didn’t find any sections with just one riff. In other words, this album is what I like to call “riff city certified”. There are more riffs on here than most records, and they even repeated a few in multiple tracks.

I cannot emphasize how complex this record is. It is unorthodox in the most orthodox way, staying true to traditional Black and Death Metal but building upon the genres as much as possible. I have heard some very flexible albums this year, and this one goes right alongside them. This is an essential release for anyone who enjoys Extreme Metal in the slightest.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Widdrim Hymn
2. Grieving the Gestalt
3. Obliterating ‘I’
4. Heretical Heir
5. Kolossos Pt. I
6. Kolossos Pt. II
7. Timeward Tribulations
8. Emberdawn
9. Skoria
Pendath – Drums, Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Vatha – Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Record Label: Chaos Records


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Edited 09 December 2022

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