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Mega Colossus - HyperGlaive

Mega Colossus
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 26 March 2017, 10:30 PM

Into a mega deal ride, and it is not even close to the end. Some changes may be for the best in order to become much highly rated. Another proof that tradition still has a place in the American Metal scene, maintaining the immense qualities that have been integral in Metal music. A musical act that started with something and ended up rebranding itself to move forward. That is the story of MEGA COLOSSUS (previously known as COLOSSUS). Still perceived as underground, just recently the band delivered a message that there are gems to be found and to be celebrated. Their memorandum was in the shape of the debut album under the new moniker, “HyperGlaive”, released via the German Killer Metal Records. It is story time ladies and gentlemen and you are bound to sit down and listen to the tales.

The commemoration of vintage Metal, as it was played in the late 70s and early 80s in Britain, has been the essential in the development of MEGA COLOSSUS’s music. Amidst the corners of “HyperGlaive” there is what is rendered as NWOBHM revival, producing the old styled twin guitar harmonies, intensified melodic driven rhythm guitar riffs and the upbeat energies that has have the basis of Metal. The execution of this manner of classic playing sounded no less than professional and definitive, a reason to cling on song as after. Furthermore, I couldn’t ignore the vocals, which are purely high rate, and yet another key element in this album’s prime. There is a wistful vibe of IRON MAIDEN meets THIN LIZZY along with several lines that pictured BOSTON and the Heavy Metal wizards from Germany, STORMWITCH, a metallic diversity matched in its harmonious intent. I also believe that there is also an almost perfect analogy with the band’s country mates SLOUGH FEG, yet the lizards sound much sharper and polished than the former.

The songwriting on the album conjured one of the truest forms of epics, each of the songs played their part as a single story, compelled to draw in the minds of its listeners and chain them to its influence. The various themes, mostly within the Sci-Fi world, sounded amazing under the weight of the music, and just a little than 45 minutes, it is gone but just in the nick of time. In comparison to tunes that are more into the critical moments of the choruses, these storytelling adventures have more than a handful of memorable parts. “Sunsword”, which rather similar to the majority of the other tracks, crosses swords with the IRON MAIDEN hook laden melodies that are simply hardcore. A flowing delivery of high rate. “The Judge” is possibly one of the greater efforts of this entire release. Judgement, even if blind, never sounded so sweet with the twin guitar attacks and utmost divergence of the music. Furthermore, I was entranced by the soloing, such tremendous abilities that can’t be shaken down. “You Died” displays a somewhat emphasis in vintage Hard Rock, a spark within the Metal flame. The dramatic parade within the C part of the song really nailed it. “Star Wranglers” revealed a certain SLOUGH FEG pattern, sounded a bit cynical and aimed to be humorous. Of course it didn’t renounce its greatness and it being a true epic. More or less it is a fine journey through the history of the early days of melodic Metal.

In their new form, the reptilians of MEGA COLOSSUS declared victory with their debut album, a highly interesting piece of melodic music that excavated the determination of the old British scene and unveiled it in the present.


4 Star Rating

1. Sunsword
2. Sea of Stars
3. Gods and Demons
4. The Judge
5. Betta Master
6. Behold the Worm
7. You Died
8. Star Wranglers
Ry Eshelman - Bass
Doza Mendoza - Drums
Stephen Cline - Rhythm Guitars
Bill Fischer - Lead Guitars
Sean Buchanan - Vocals
Record Label: Killer Metal Records


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