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Megadeth - Endgame (Reissue)

Endgame (Reissue)
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 13 June 2019, 9:58 PM

The way I see it, after the release of “United Abominations”, a new standard for MEGADETH albums, of the later age, was set. The 2007 album serving a sort of totem for the next to come. You might say I am exaggerating, but the previous effort is no shorter than amazing, considering its early counterpart of the 00’s decade. With that said, next in line for the BMG reissue / remastering run of MEGADETH contemporary albums is the originally 2009’s release, “Endgame”. Dave Mustaine continues to preach on the impending doom upon the social infrastructure, with a focus on the American way of life.

Things changed a bit for the MEGADETH clan, passing “United Abominations”. Sadly, Glen Drover was out of the band, and in coming instead was ex-JAG PANZER’s axeman Chris Broderick, as the new shredder alongside Mr. Mustaine. Continuing with most of the production team, which generated a maintained polished sound that served them well on the previous record, alongside a similar pattern of songwriting, “Endgame” was conceived. Though I missed somewhat of Glen Drover’s impact on the music, and it is possible to distinguish, or plainly read in the booklet, between his and Mustaine’s soloing, Broderick proved himself capable to fill in the former's shoes. Therefore, I can honestly say that the lineup wasn’t weakened.

Lyrically wise, it was hard to ignore MEGADETH’s deliverance of identical messages of social decay and worldwide oblivion, ran by badly, some by intention, made political decisions. And the music stood line by line, note by note, with Mustaine’s warnings. Maintaining the twisted approach of “United Abominations”, “Endgame” is no less of a heavy monster, decimating with several examples of Thrash Metal constructiveness, which has been the band’s bread and butter, along with cataclysmic bursts of energetic soloing and strong sense of melody within the riffs. I would recommend “Head Crusher”, instrumental intro “Dialectic Chaos” that might not be “Into The Lungs Of Hell” but still slowly grabbing your attention. There are also the mid-tempo heavy weight “How the Story Ends”, the bleaker “The Right to Go Insane” and the “Sleepwalker” styled “This Day We Fight!”. Furthermore, not everything within “Endgame” is an all-out war, there are a few emotional moments, which might remind of the “Risk” / “The World Needs A Hero” eras, notable and made in good taste without overblowing it, take it with “The Hardest Part of Letting Go… Sealed with a Kiss”. Nevertheless, trust that aggression is looming just around the corner.

Dwelling on the album’s Digipack, it is the same quality of the previous album, bearing the album's dystopian artwork with Vic serving its purpose as the magistrate over the damned. The booklet inside isn’t overly special, presenting the album’s lyrics and credits, once again not a story to tell, even not fictional as on “United Abominations”. However, I am not that distraught about it. The entire package is well deserved for a collector. In addition to the fine Digipack, the album’s tunes gone through a remastering phase that made them booming. Lastly, a fine treat for the fans with a live version of “Washington Is Next”, initially from the former album.

A little step down perhaps, “Endgame” is not merely an album for MEGADETH enthusiastics, yet also grounds for Metalheads to give this piece of music a chance, a decade after it was first issued.
Purchase Link: Megadethshop

4 Star Rating

1. Dialectic Chaos
2. This Day We Fight!
3. 44 Minutes
4. 1,320’
5. Bite the Hand
6. Bodies
7. Endgame
8. The Hardest Part of Letting Go… Sealed with a Kiss
9. Head Crusher
10. How the Story Ends
11. The Right to Go Insane
12. Washington Is Next (Live)
Dave Mustaine - Vocals / Guitars
Chris Broderick - Guitars
James LoMenzo - Bass
Shawn Drover - Drums
Record Label: BMG Music


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