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Megadeth - The World Needs A Hero (CD)

The World Needs A Hero
by Orpheus Spiliotopoulos at 19 May 2001, 9:17 PM

Metal History has proven to all of us that big bands deserve to make a mistake once in their lifetime. They deserve to release one really bad album but only if they're going to make it up to all the fans right after they realize their mistake. Megadeth were not an exception, since the band's attempt to experiment with our ears with the album RISK was a total failure and disappointment to all of us. As I said…only if they make it up to the fans right after will they keep the respect they gained with hard worked albums and decades of dedication to what they did.

Ladies and gentlemen, Megadeth are back with a really good album! Yes, it's a fact! The album everyone had heard so much about and wanted to listen to is now here! The World Needs A Hero is Megadeth's comeback in the hearts of all the Megadeth fans around the world. To the disappointment of all those who say bad thingies about Dave Mustaine and the rest of the guys, let me inform you that this IS NOT another RISK album!

The World Needs A Hero is not a bad album (no it's not) but it's not as good as Rust In Peace or Countdown To Extinction or Youthanasia or any of the other albums (except for RISK which was a real music-potatoe and Cryptic Writings which wasn't the best Megadeth could give to the world). So I guess Dave saw that his band was not appealing anymore to the ears of all the mega-fans and decided that…The World Needs A Hero (haha just kidding). So, he decided it was time to come back with a new, special card up his sleeve…Al Pitrelli! Pitrelli who left Savatage, joined in and the outcome was…more than satisfying for them (and us).

But what is The World Needs A Hero after all? A twelve track album with one ballad (Promises), one instrumental intro with a trumpet (Silent Scorn) and ten really good songs! From these ten songs, others are quite fast, others are slower and all of them seem to have lots of solos in them! Not all of them are killer songs and one or two are indeed slightly (just slightly) boring. For instance, take the two first tracks, Disconnect and The World Needs A Hero, they're nothing special to my ears and I've listened to the whole album more than a thousand times. I mean, The World Needs A Hero has really NOT much to tell us when it comes to the lyrics part.

On the other hand, we've got tracks that are more than just memorable! Moto Psycho is a really cool song dedicated to all the moto-maniacs (hehe)! It's got a few cool solos and the refrain is catchy. 1000 Times Goodbye is one of the album's best songs! It's a song written for all the beaches (it's not what I actually want to say…but the word sounds kind of the same, haha) who've told us more than a million times I love you like you're my brother and it's over…I just don't feel the same way I used to. The lyrics are really into the subject and will bring back a lot of bad memories to you but you'll feel your rage blasting with the superb solo-outburst near the end of the track just after Dave's final words to the chick…you know what? You Suck!. Burning Bridges is a really nice and heavy song (love the guitars).

Now it's time to mention the really sad but awesome ballad, Promises. This song will really get to you if you're a true Megadeth fan. I'm saying a true Megadeth fan because people who are not that used to Dave's vocals will have to listen to it some dozens of times till they appreciate it. Promises is a song referring to a thought all of us have more or less had, concerning our loved persons (especially our girlfriends and boyfriends)…it has to do with separation due to death. Really sad (but you'll love it) with violins in it.

From the six remaining songs I haven't mentioned yet, one is an intro to the sequel of Hangar 18, Return To Hangar. The intro (Silent Scorn) is a small instrumental of Dave and Bob Findley (Trumpet) just before the the story of Return To Hangar comes to remind us what happened 10 years ago at Hangar 18! You'll love the sequel as much as you loved the first song and it's a killer when played live (be sure to see Megadeth live - they play Return To Hangar amongst others). Losing My Senses is nothing much to mention of. Dread And The Fugitive Mind, Recipe For Hate…Warhorse(which are two songs actually) and When are three shredding songs! I wonder who said Jimmy DeGrasso wasn't a good drummer! Jimmy really gives an answer to that and so does Dave, to all those who said he doesn't know how to play the guitar! Well, need I mention that Al Pitrelli is a professional guitar player with the full meaning of the word professional?

Megadeth's fans needed a hero…an album sort of hero and here it is! The World Needs A Hero is here to remind us that Megadeth are still capable of producing great albums!

A MUST HAVE album !

And military intelligence is still two words that can't make sense - Return To Hangar

4 Star Rating

The World Needs A Hero
Moto Psycho
1000 Times Goodbye
Burning Bridges
Recipe For Hate…WarHorse
Losing My Senses
Dread And The Fugitive Mind
Silent Scorn
Return To Hangar
Dave Mustaine - Vocals / Guitar
David Ellefson - Bass
Jimmy Degrasso- Drums
Al Pitrelli - Guitar / Backing Vocals
Record Label: Sanctuary


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