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Megadeth - United Abominations (CD)

United Abominations
by Panagiotis Koutsompogeras at 14 June 2007, 9:30 PM

MEGADETH still fucking rule, you filthy maggot! What a sophisticated way to start a review, huh? Anyway, if you have any second thoughts about the quality of their new album - or disagree with the previous statement - then your Internet Explorer will immediately shut off! ZAP! Got it, huh? So, let's start the ritual by singing these lines …if there's a new way - I'll be the first in line - it betters works this time!. In fact, things seem to work out for Dave Inc. a long time ago even if Mr. Mustaine does not admit it.
Musically speaking, this album sounds and behaves like the natural follower of The System Has failed. All the arrangements, compositions, sound and technique seem to evolve from that era and this is very logical. United Abominations marks the third time that MEGADETH record with a new line up. The new band seems to follow general Dave's orders and the whole MEGADETH squad seems to be working fine and is willing to offer more despite the 40-something years of Dave. Still, we definitely miss the glorious days of Marty, Nick and of course Mr. Patience man Dave Eleffson. Glen Drover has done a terrific work in guitars - his style combines sinister touch, metallic approach and eastern type passages, but without any offense he is not Friedman - meaning that old Marty's solos and phrasing are unique and irreplaceable.
On of the most exciting moments of this album is the cooperation of Dave with Lacuna Coil's front woman Cristina Scabbia (hmmm…) when they perform together a remix/remake of Youthanasia's track A Tout Le Monde (Set Me Free). On the other hand, I think that the most mediocre songs in this CD are Burnt Ice and Amerikhastan. The latter one has been described by king Dave as part II of Holy Wars… but this is kind of funny as this track can not be compared to the opening monster of the Rust In Peace album. When it comes to speaking about magnificent songs like Sleepwalker or Gears Of War, the unique spirit of Dave Mustaindeth unfolds with power and might but most of all rhythm. MEGADETH always had hooky catchy songs that capture the listener's interest - something which happens again here in this album.
Mustaine's lyrics remain strongly focused on political issues - especially about his home country - as well as the rest of the world. The album is really aggressive and razor anthemed - something which strongly brings in mind elements, sounds and feeling from their previous works, like Peace Sells… and albums like that. Many solos, tempo changes, shitty lyrics, strong heavy riffs - everything that one came out of the MEGADETH kitchen - is out for lunch or dinner again. Just push play and if you are looking fort tough true Metal music, here is your chance. This album will fulfil your expectations - if you have in mind that it is NOT definitely better than past 'gems' like Rust In Peace or (almost) Cryptic Writings. However it is certainly among the finest moments the band has written over the past 3 recordings.
This album sends other mega bands straight into the abyss of average albums. Its sheer might and MEGADETH passion really flows almost in every minute of it. The album almost overflows with classical pounding Metal rhythms (in the well known Mustainian way) and stays true to the genre. If bands like SLAYER or METALLICA or BLIND GUARDIAN had issued albums like this, then everybody would go fucking nuts - but since it's only MEGADETH everybody is maybe just happy to say Yup, nice album Dave, something which is pretty lame. Just wait until the new Lars-oriented album comes out and you will see.
One more thing: people often say about the tough and egocentrical character of Dave Mustaine, but no one really pays attention to the magic, honest direct Metal music MEGADETH offers. And - anyway - did your ex-girlfriends had better manners or behaviour than uncle Dave, huh? I think that the best moments of this album are Sleepwalker, Washington Is Next!, United Abominations, Gears Of War and the eerie-yet-catchy Blessed Are The Dead - but do yourself a favor and check out this whole Mustainian abominator CD - you will find many amusing and interesting musical craftsmanship there! Dave, we are pretty sure that if there is a new way, you still are the first in line! I guess that if someone is really strict should have given this album a 3,5/5 grade, but since we are talking about father Dave, here we get a …

4 Star Rating

Washington Is Next!
Never Walk Alone…A Call To Arms
United Abominations
Gears Of War
Blessed Are The Dead
Play For Blood
A Tout le Monde (Set Me Free)
You're Dead
Burnt Ice
Dave Mustaine - Guitars, Vocals
Glen Drover - Guitars
James Lo Menzo - Bass
Shawn Drover - Drums
Record Label: Roadrunner Records


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