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Megaherz - Zombieland

by Alex Kirmayer at 20 October 2014, 8:46 PM

So now we review a Munich based industrial rock/metal band, and no, it is not RAMMSTEIN
But God do they remind me of them…
The opening track of the album is also the title track, and these guys waste no time at all with useless introductions or such. After a brief keyboard intro, the band comes in with heavy and melodic riffs and clean vocals, definitely remind me of RAMMSTEIN as I've said before, but with a little dirtier sound and more edge in the vocals.

The second track, “Himmelsturmer” starts with an intro that sounds as if it was taken from an 80's techno track, which turns out to be the main riff, a very fun track in total.

The album as a whole, it seems, circulates about the idea of the film Zombieland, but the problem here, is that even if the music is great, all the elements fit together nicely and all, the singing voice is plain awesome, but it seems that it all revolves about the lyrics. And the lyrics in this album, are in German, which I do not speak/read/write, so it is a huge barrier this time. The whole album it seems, revolves about the singer, which either should have added an English lyrics booklet, or just have sung in English altogether. It is audible that the album as a whole is very diverse, the tracks sound as to fit to specific scenes from said movie, very well arranged, and played, but a huge part of the diversity of the songs, relays on the lyrics, which I can only feel and not understand a word of them, which is a huge downside.

All in all, a cinematic, RAMMSTEIN-like(a tad lighter) album, very well made in total, the huge downside is the German singing, if not for that, the best industrial album of the year, with this barrier, it only makes you wonder what is he singing about. Could be great, but not quite there…

3 Star Rating

1. Zombieland
2. Himmelsturmer
3. Fur immer
4. Roter Mond
5. Wir konnten Gotten sein
6. Lieblingsfeind
7. Fanatisch
8. Schwarzer Engel
9. Unter Strom
10. Gegen Den Wind
11. Hurra wir leben noch
12. Frei
Alexander “Lex” Wohnhaas  – Vocals
Christian `X-ti´ Bystron   - Guitars
Christoph Klinke – Guitars
Werner `Wenz´ Weninger  – Bass
Jürgen `Bam´ Wiehler  - Drums
Record Label: Napalm Records


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