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Megascavenger - As Dystopia Beckons

As Dystopia Beckons
by Johnny Jackal at 03 September 2016, 7:40 PM

Another band from the multi-instrumentalist, Rogga Johansson. I previously reviewed one of his like 40 bands a few weeks back which was NECROGOD.
This is the third full-length album from the Swedish Death Metal band and first album since 2012.

What’s with Death Metal bands and always taking about rotting corpses, death and putrefaction of the human body? I know it’s been a mainstay as a lyrical theme since the Old School Death Metal bands like CANNIBAL CORPSE or even CARCASS for that matter. I mean, it’s been done so many times, it’s uninteresting and definitely not very innovative. We are not the early 90’s and it just feels like bands like MEGASCAVENGER lack the necessary imagination for the song title. I personally thought it was a bit disappointing.

As for the music, you have a mix of different styles. Some songs do remind me of the aforementioned Old School Death Metal and there is a few songs that reminded me of the aggression of a band like BRUJERIA. The big focal point on most of the songs is the emphasis on a lot of programming and it sounds like really bad FEAR FACTORY but with a Death Metal voice. I thought Industrial Metal was pretty much obsolete (no pun intended) and there was nothing that really stood out to be perfectly honest.

He puts so much effects in his voice that it really sounds like bad FEAR FACTORY or an attempt on adding Industrial Metal influences on the Death Metal style. He fell flat so quickly. It really got on my nerves. The worst example of this element is the song ‘’The Harrowing of Hell’’. My first thought on this song was why does he try to sing like MARILYN MANSON mixed with some Death Vocals here and there?? Who really wanted to listen to this and MARILYN MANSON hasn’t done anything worthwhile in like 15 years at least! It sounded like something from his early career with a bunch of effects added.
The production is ok at best. As for the rest it makes a very uneventful album unfortunately.

Songwriting: 4
Originality: 4
Memorability: 4
Production: 6

2 Star Rating

1. Rotting Domain
2. The Machine that Turns Humans into Slop
3. Dead City
4. As the Last Day has Passed
5. The Hell that is in this World
6. Dead Rotting and Exposed
7. Steel Through Flesh Extravaganza
8. The Harrowing of Hell
9. As Dystopia Beckons
Rogga Johanssson – Bass, Guitars, Vocals
Brynjar Helgetun – Drums
Record Label: Chaos Records


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