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Megasonic - Without Warning

Without Warning
by Dana Lautzenheiser at 25 January 2018, 8:01 PM

MEGASONIC released their second album, “Whithout Warning” via Sleazy Rider Records. The band, hailing from Belgium, started out as a studio project in 2012. MEGASONIC'S sound is melodic metal, 80’s metal, hard rock, and thrash metal with influences such as HAMMERFALL, IRON MAIDEN, and VAN HALEN. Their first album, “Intense,” was released in 2014, and MEGASONIC set to recording material for “Without Warning” amidst the critical acclaim.

“Without Warning” kicks off with a heavy, atmospheric intro in “Sirius A.” The intro left me intrigued and wanting to hear more. “Atlas” storms in with intensity. Verhoeven’s vocals are impressive.  It is noteworthy that he has a background as a professional vocalist. I found that I was slightly disappointed with the progression of the song, the beginning was so heavy that I expected that kind of intensity for the whole song, and for me it was not there.

“Walk the Wire” is a fist pumping, power metal tune. “Run and Hide” will set your pulse racing as it stalks you down and goes in for the kill. This song has some heavier parts that are pretty cool, but there was also something kind of off with the way the vocal tracks fit over the rest of the song. “Hammered” is a feel good track with an 80’s hair metal vibe. This one is sure to be a crowd pleaser with it’s anthemic “let’s get hammered!” melody. Initially I thought this was a shining point on the album.  My gripe with this song though, is that once I listened to the song the second or third time around I realized it reminded me more than faintly of another song. Maybe it’s just me but, the song bares a striking similarity to Slaughter’s “Up All Night,” but just not quite as good. MEGASONIC strays from the sound we have previously heard from them in “Someone.” This a slower track about the search for love. For some, I’m sure this would be a savory piece. To me, though, it was like something out of a modern musical. Perhaps, a dejected number from “Rent” ? (I have no beef with “Rent.” It’s a fine show.)

“Signal Fire” is off to the races to redeem MEGASONIC after the display of vulnerability in the previous track. “Signal Fire” brings with it some heavier riffs and a little more raw intensity. “Taking Back My Life” has a nice bluesy, groove to start off. There were some really cool guitar chords in the verse. It seemed like they were onto something compelling, but for me the climactic point of the song could have been so much stronger. Verhoeven throws out a gratuitous “mother f bomb” out there which kind of had an opposite effect for me. I thought it was more humorous than striking. “Hit Squad,” is a thrashier track. The lyrics albeit cheesy, are catchy. “Down By the River” is a glimmer of hope for those who sought out MEGASONIC in search of something heavy. MEGASONIC gives me a bit of a Ronnie James Dio feel here thematically, and the vocals have the propensity to be forceful. MEGASONIC sounds less generic on this track. “Love Like Rain” is the mellow note after some grimmer subject matter. For those who appreciate the lighter notes; adult contemporary sounding stuff, this will suffice. The smooth, bluesy guitar solo was a high point for me. “Last Man Standing” takes us back to that 80’s metal sound again. Musically, I’m reminded of Guns N’ Roses, but not quite. To me, the lyrics were fairly unoriginal and not memorable.

Songwriting: 5
Originality: 6
Memorability: 4
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Sirius A
2. Atlas
3. Walk the Wire
4. Run and Hide
5. Hammered
6. Someone
7. Signal Fire
8. Taking Back My Life
9. Hit Squad
10. Down By the River
11. Love Like Rain
12. Last Man Standing

Jeroen De Bock - guaitars, backing vocals, drums
Lieven De Wolf - guitars, bass, backing vocals
Dimitri Verhoeven - vocals, keyboards, drums
Thomas Abeel - bass
Dries Deturck - drums
Record Label: Sleaszy Rider


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