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Megaton Leviathan - Past 21: Beyond the Arctic Cell

Megaton Leviathan
Past 21: Beyond the Arctic Cell
by Marcos “Big Daddy” Garcia at 09 September 2014, 6:01 AM

Well, another trial from the High Priests Steinmetal and Deaddie to your Ol’ Big Daddy here… But I accepted. And MEGATON LEVIATHAN is really very hard to understand, a mixture of Doom Metal aspects with Dream Rock and something called Drone. And the result is on their new album, “Past 21: Beyond the Arctic Cell”, a very difficult album to understand.

No, it’s not bad, far away from this, but the complexity of their songs, of their musical work is really something. It’s kind of weird sometimes, because has some aspects of ALCEST and ANATHEMA, but in a more experimental and even more introspective way. Obviously, their musical work is entirely focused on a dream feeling from guitars and keyboards, soft voices and harmonic atmospheres, some drums and bass. But don’t expect something full of energy or too heavy, for you’ll not find on this album.

A good production, but not so clean as the band’s work deserve (it’s sometimes a little dirty, more than the quantity needed for a Metal band like that). But it’s not so bad as my words could put the things. It’s good, after all.

Musically, this album is too full of musical influences, but there a great Achilles’ heel: the long duration of the songs. Ok, I understand that it’s their way of doing music, but I personally believe that a short format would lead to a better result. But of course the four songs are pretty pieces of music, especially “The Foolish Man” (this one fulled with some Indian touches and some pretty atmospheric keyboards and riffs) and the introspective “Here Come the Tears” (this one reminds something TIAMAT done before, but with some distorted moments between the calmness of the song).

Of course, not an easy album to understand, but it’s a very good one.

4 Star Rating

1. Past 21
2. The Foolish Man
3. Arctic Cell
4. Here Come the Tears
Andrew James Costa - Guitars, bass, vocals, synthesizers, effects, sound loops
Record Label: Seventh Rule Recordings


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