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Mekanix – Rise Of The Mekanix

Rise Of The Mekanix
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 09 February 2012, 10:29 AM

Over the years of listening to Metal music, I came across quite a selection of opportunities that could have been taken by bands or misses due to complications or even struggles to keep a line-up steady. In addition, I also stumbled upon bands that were left in a standstill due to a loss of a dear and important member. Recently, I was approached by one of the magazine’s valued staff members, the Zarto, to cover, as a tribute, a Metal band that originated from his hometown of Bogota, Colombia named MEKANIX. I have to come clean that I have never heard about these guys prior to his suggestion. Beside that fact that I found interest even before my first listen, Zarto also mentioned that their lead, and sole, guitarist, Carlos Venegas, died a year before the band’s debut album, “Rise Of The Mekanix”, which was released via Hateworks Records. Therefore, I knew that MEKANIX should be honored.

Listening to this album for several times made me feel of what I expressed to you on the beginning of the first paragraph. In overall, I sensed that MEKANIX, that still exist but with an unknown future, are in a difficult standstill situation. Though Venegas, for everyone who listened to the album before and after me, probably can’t be accounted as a member of the top guitarists worldwide, he was a mastermind behind a great Heavy Metal release that would remain as a sweet memory of his works. The music on “Rise Of The Mekanix”, though modern sounding in its orientation, is mainly 80s Metal driven. MEKANIX laid their trust on traditional Metal but had a few exoduses into Hard Rock and US Power / Speed Metal that made their material to sound classic from all ends.

Even though not every song knocked me out of my feet, I liked the dynamics of the songs. Nearly every single track was fluent, easily reached, overwhelming, and dissimilar to other tracks on the album. I wouldn’t say that MEKANIX were able to shadow some of the obvious factors in their music like the songs’ structures for instance, but in their case, it didn’t matter much. For many listeners, including myself on several occurrences, as long as the songs click, complexion isn’t such a big deal to focus one’s attention on.

In order to prove my claim, I urge you to check out the amazing metallic ballad of “Temple of Pain”, which is a pure arousing commotion of both heaviness and a touch of elegance. “Self-Devastation” and “Then The Storm Will Retire”, which are pure Heavy / Power Metal attacks driven by the energy of the 80s. I must make a special remark about the band’s vocalist, as I understood now its ex-vocalist, Jorge Bermudez, as this guy is amazing even with a strong Spanish accent. I didn’t have any predicament on understanding his English and I also liked his diction. Such a powerful voice could have done more successful vocal works I am sure of it. “Winter X” is where Venegas had the entire set all to him. If you were looking for the Neo-Classical stuff, Venegas provided it all. As I said earlier, he was not a Malmsteen, but his was a more than a proficient guitarist. Also enclosed on the album are two remixed tracks of the band’s earlier EP, “Trapped in a Box” and “Mankind Remembers the Pain” that are also laudable listeners.

I surly hope that MEKANIX will not decide to disband, however, a death of a founding member, and the architect of the band’s image, is something that is rather hard to chew on. Whatever will be determined in the future, “Rise Of The Mekanix” will remain as a good quality memory. 

4 Star Rating

1.Galaxy C5
2.The Punisher (Cruel Master)
3.Temple of Pain
4.Then The Storm Will Retire
6.The Mekanix Rising
7.Chained to the Past
8.Winter X8
9.Trapped in a Box (Remixed)
10.Mankind Remembers the Pain (Remixed)
Jorge Bermudez– Vocals
Carlos Venegas(R.I.P.) – Guitars
Francisco Ruiz– Bass
Jaime Moreno- Drums
Record Label: Hateworks Records


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