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Melechesh - Enki Award winner

by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 01 February 2015, 8:58 PM

To create a music that can be different from others bands is a great trial nowadays. Of course, many still can be done, there aren’t limits to Metal. Some chose to stay on the past (especially on the 80’s), but a few chose to cross the deserts of numbness to find the source of a new and intelligent sound. And the Israeli quartet MELECHESH achieves the goal again with “Enki”, the new album.

Mixing a melodic and aggressive insight of Black Metal with traditional music from Middle East, along with some Sumerian, Egyptian and Babylonian themes, they create a unique music. And it’s heavy, abrasive and elegant at the same time, with great hypnotic and ethereal moments. Great harsh vocals (in a different way we are used to hear), excellent riffs (using both 6 and 12 string guitars) and some good solos, strong and technical bass playing (they use sometimes an acoustic fretless bass) and very heavy and technical drums. Of course, putting their personality on their music, the quartet creates a unique music, a sound that you hear and recognize the band at first hearing.

The sound quality is excellent and perfect. Clean and heavy the way it must be, but as Ashmedi (the band mastermind) had done all the production, with the hands of Fotis Benardo (in recording the drums), Giorgos Bokos (in recording) and Jonas Kjellgren (in the mixing and mastering processes), we couldn’t expect nothing, but perfection. And the artwork, done by John Coulthart with some additional touches from Vincent Fouquet, is wonderful.

Nine long songs (as is usual to MELECHESH work) awaits your ears to gain life, and I could write/speak as many as I could, but it wouldn’t be enough to speak how this album is perfect. Is a step ahead of everything that they have done, a true evolution from what is heard on “The Epigenesis”. It’s rich in all musical aspects, having guests as Max Cavalera on vocals on “Lost Tribes”, Sakis Tolis (from ROTTING CHRIST) on vocals on “Enki Divine Nature Awoken”, and VOLBEAT’s Rob Caggiano on guitar solo on “The Palm the Eye and Lapis Lazuli”. But hear the entire album, there’s no better music in here.

Enter this voyage called “Enki”, and you will not repent.

5 Star Rating

1. Tempest Temper Enlil Enraged
2. The Pendulum Speaks
3. Lost Tribes
4. Multiple Truths
5. Enki Divine Nature Awoken
6. Metatron and Man
7. The Palm the Eye and Lapis Lazuli
8. Doorways to Irkala
9. The Outsiders
Ashmedi – Vocals, 6 &12 String Guitars, Esraj, Persian Daf, Darbuka, Bells, Buzouq, Manjira, Tibetan Bowl
Scorpios – Bass, Acoustic Fretless bass, Percussions, Mouth Harp
Moloch – Buzouq & Lead Guitar
Lord Curse – Drums
Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records


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