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Melechesh - Emissaries (CD)

by Panagiotis Koutsompogeras at 25 March 2007, 10:03 AM

MELECHESH are well known for their unique black metal style, which is full of eastern type melodies. Under the ruins of an ancient temple of a desert, into these caves where ancient gods wait patiently for their furious rise, you the seeker of ancients secrets of the ancient knowledge come towards th…These visions will probably come into your mind while you are listening to songs like The Scribes of Kur.
Their new album is as good one as their previous ones. Their first song called Rebirth of the Nemesis (Enuma Elish Rewritten) must be their best ever written song - you just have to listen to it to figure it out yourself! Deluge of Delusional Dreams has a wonderful beginning while Leper Jerusalem is also very good with nice drumming indeed. By the way, Proscriptor is not here anymore, but the new one is quite capable and good enough. I also find tracks like Touching the Spheres of Sephiroth and  Sand Grain Universe to be quite exceptional - bringing back in mind memories of the works of IMMORTAL and strangely enough MAYHEM.
Talking about influences, what you will find here are many elements from IRON MAIDEN to black metal stuff all anthemed by many Slayerish thrash riffs. However the bad things is that, at certain moments you sometimes get slightly bored and the album can not always manage to maintain your interest constantly focused. On the other hand these pre aforementioned things happen only very few time here. There is a handful of good riffery here that will make your head bang down very easily! So go try it ! Especially the riff of Ladders to Sumeria is a killer one! Also many x-tra fucking thanx to John Lepper for writing the actual review.

4 Star Rating

Rebirth of the Nemesis (Enuma Elish Rewritten)
Ladders to Sumeria
Deluge of Delusional Dreams Act.I Cast Tempest from the East / Act II. Enlil's Retaliation
Touching the Spheres of Sephiroth
Double Helixed Sceptre
The Scribes of Kur
Leper Jerusalem
Sand Grain Universe
Emissaries and the Mysterium Magnum
Ashmedi - Vocals / Guitar
Al' Hazred - Bass
Moloch - Guitar
Xul - Drums
Record Label: Osmose Records


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