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Meliah Rage - The Deep And Dreamless Sleep (CD)

Meliah Rage
The Deep And Dreamless Sleep
by Grigoris Chronis at 19 July 2007, 1:39 AM

This is not a new release by this old-school US Metal act. The Deep And Dreamless Sleep was originally released in 2006 via the Screaming Ferret Wreckords label. This reissue, via Locomotive Records, adds nothing more in terms of bonus stuff, but succeeds in reminding us of MELIAH RAGE; another notable release by one more 'never-made-it' brilliant Metal outfit.
The first time I came across MELIAH RAGE - in the late 80s - I was totally blown away by their first two albums' tons of riffs. MELIAH RAGE - based in Boston, USA - is the kind of band that is too 'speedy' to be 'heavy metal' but, yet, is too disciplined to by 'thrash metal'. Yeap, the kind of METAL CHURCH, VICIOUS RUMORS, OVERKILL, ANTHRAX music was in their brilliant flaming youth! I'd propose to any fan of the above bands - not familiar with MELIAH RAGE in prior - to occupy himself (first of all) with the quintet's 'classic' Kill To Survive (1988) and Solitary Solitude (1990) releases (both on the Epic label). If you dig 'em, then every other MELIAH RAGE release - including this one herein reviewed - will bring you tons of headbanging pleasure.
I was afraid, at first, to see such a MY DYING BRIDE-influenced cover artwork. People change…But MELIAH RAGE does not seem eager to drive themselves to major amendments. The production could be a little 'clear' and…that's the first off two only drawbacks! Serious, though, The Deep And Dreamless Sleep is the album you ('old' METALLICA fan) would expect to hear in a fair/honest world. Again, tons of riffs, powerful rhythm section, bonecrushing tempos, 'twisted' vocals from Paul Souza and - most of all - excellent in (general) guitar work. Excellent! American Heavy/Speed/Thrash at its finest, the way MELIAH RAGE know but - on the other hand - somehow 'logically' thought to attract some newer Metal fans (don't know if it will, at last).
The second drawback: the songs are one-step-below penned in regards to the Barely Human (2002) predecessor. Not bad, of course, but the sequence counts a little bit in a bands career. Anyway, for your relevant likes, MELIAH RAGE is a 'must', even in year 2007. Then, you'll fall in love with the first two albums anyway. MELIAH RAGE gives the music world something that's rarely requested out loud but is hell-yeah needed: American Metal songs. You feel the need? MELIAH RAGE means Metal business, no bullshit.

3 Star Rating

Permanently Damaged
God And Man
The Deep And Dreamless Sleep
Twisted Wreck
Last Of The Wanted
Take What You Want
Anthony Nichols - Guitars
Jim Koury - Guitars
Paul Souza - Vocals
Stuart Dowie - Drums
Darren Lourie - Bass & Backing Vocals
Record Label: Locomotive Records


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