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Meliorist - Patterns

by Ross Donald at 08 June 2019, 11:46 PM

MELIORIST are a metalcore band from Brisbane, Australia. The band was first formed in 2015 and have since released two EPs, “Meliorist” & “ii”, before heading to America in 2018 to record their first full album which is what I am here to review.

There are 8 tracks on the album in total and the full album is only 26 minutes long which makes for a very easy ride if you’re listening to these guys for the first time and want to get a feel for them. We kick things off with “Homeward” and it does what every opening track should do and prepares you for what’s to come. If you don’t enjoy this then you might as well leave but if you’re digging it, then you’re in for a fun time. The opening of the track is interesting and there’s obviously some studio magic in place to give a more futuristic feel to the music and I almost felt like I was in a video game which was pretty neat. As far as the vocal range goes I would say it’s quite similar to ARCHITECTS just not quite as aggressive and with cleaner vocals for the chorus. As a fan of them, I dug the hell out of this first track and couldn’t wait to hear what else was in store.

After the short and sweet “Wanderers” we hit the peak of the album for the next three tracks as these next 3 were the best on the album. We start with “Blackout” which also features SNARKY PUPPY member Mark Lettieri helping out. This is the heaviest the band will be and it is just glorious to listen to. Almost every word is screamed out in such passion that you want to be there with them, screaming along. The song seems to describe a person struggling with depression and trying their best to keep it from the world. A short track but one worth listening to on repeat.

Next is “Symptoms” which is most likely the highlight of the whole album and the track I’d recommend above the rest. It’s similar in structure to the last song with an absolute killer chorus and the first to really highlight the great artwork on offer. The fact that the last 20 seconds sound like something from Blade Runner just makes it even better.

“Illusion” might not be as aggressive as the last two songs, but it more than makes up with it with some fantastic songwriting and the best on the album. Lines like “The secrets of the universe are written on the back of our eyes” stuck with me. Another great chorus as well in an album seemingly filled to the brim with them.

I think they band knew to quit while they were ahead as “Blossoms” serves as a nice short, instrumental breather until we hit the last couple of tracks that end the album on a high note.

After the first listen I wasn’t quite sure on this album as it did seem like it was going for the poppier elements that some more recent metalcore bands have been using to ill effect (looking at you I PREVAIL and BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE) but it is used very sparingly here and used more to give the album a fresh feel and they do bring the sheer aggression when they need to. My only real complaint would be that a few of the songs do kind of just blend up with the other ones and end up a bit forgotten in the end. I do wish the album had been a bit longer as well and I can’t wait to hear what these guys can do on a 40+ minute album. This is a band to keep your eye on.

Originality: 7
Songwriting: 9
Memorability: 7
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Homeward
2. Wanderer
3. Blackout
4. Symptoms
5. Illusion
6. Blossoms
7. Oblivion
8. Memories
Andrew Apte  Writer, Producer
Andrew Corfield - Writer (Lyrics)
Nick Sampson - Producer, Writer, Studio Engineer
Max Klein - Assistant Engineer
James Ollis - Writer (Drums)
Record Label: Independent


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