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Melodious Diete – Episode II: Voyage Through The World Of Fantasy

Melodious Diete
Episode II: Voyage Through The World Of Fantasy
by Matt Willis at 10 July 2015, 4:24 PM

MELODIOUS DEITE are a Symphonic Power Metal band hailing from Thailand, and combine modern metal and modern power metal with huge symphonic arrangements to create a huge landscape for the listener.

The first track is called “Entering The Gate” and is a big piano based intro with a big keyboard sound, and has a small lyrical content about what they had talked about from their first album. It’s a nice way to start proceedings.

The second track is “Land of Fantasy” opening with a fast paced riff, big keyboard sounds before launching into a very fast and frenetic opening guitar lead line and fast drumming, very much in the vein of DRAGONFORCE. Even the playing style can be compared to them. The keyboard melodies are very nicely played, the drums and bass steadily carrying the rhythm along whilst the guitar lead lines are inventive and very precise. The kick drums play a massive part in the song, by pretty much being constant throughout most of the song. A few minutes in and the vocals enter the track, very powerfully sung and this guy has a huge range, being able to hit the highest note  you could think of. The chorus is again very fast and steady, with big chords and keyboard sounds. The solo section is awesome, from the very slow and emotive to the fast and the crazy. A great way to start the main album.

“The Dawn Of Journey”  is our next contender, and starts with a very dramatic landscape of cymbals, the wind sound and some nice orchestration. It then settles down to a nice piano ballad with the sound of rain behind it, a very soothing part of the song. It’s an instrumental throughout, and captures the imagination of what they are writing about. A very clever interlude!

“Territory of Memories (Atlantis)” is the next song and starts with a great little guitar riff, before a very celtic sounding keyboard melody, and then the power metal factor enters again, very fast lead lines , lots of kick drums and the fast keyboard melodies backed up with very fast guitar playing. Again the solo’s are very precisely played and sound like any other power metal band you can imagine. The vocals are strong and very clear throughout the song, and of course the solo sections are very fast and powerful, with even the piano parts being played beautifully whilst keeping up with the rhythm. Another classic power metal track.

“Civilization” is the first of two 15 minute epics on this album, full of bombastic symphonic arrangements, massive guitars, operatic female vocals, and just about any other Celtic and medieval sound you can think of. The main vocal sections sound good but go over the top in places, and sometimes maybe too long for certain points. The choruses are pretty good, and towards the end of the song, the 5 minute long outro section has an awesome guitar solo with beautiful keyboard melodies, soft percussion and bass, and really does sound so fantastic. They even throw in the theme from the Alton Towers adverts all those years ago (UK fans will know what I mean)  It saves the song in a way as upto that point its just so over the top it verges on daft, but the end section is brilliant!

“The Sun Of Aztec” is the next song to feature, and opens with a rather bizarre ritual tribe from what I can gather. Then the guitars and drums start together, with a crunchy riff, and again the kick drums are there in abundance. Then the track goes completely strange, fast to slow but the vocals are extremely powerful and really show the range he has.

“Alexander the Great” is another lesson in music’s life, but in musical excellence. Imagine thinking about a huge battle you have never experienced before. You have a harp along with the huge symphonic orchestration, the lead guitar lines in the background giving the song that edge. The riff is pretty cool, and again the medieval sounding keyboard lines and even a flute (I think) or something close to it. The tempo changes then to a fast beat back to the power metal trend, before slowing again for the verse. The chorus again goes back to the power metal trend, kick drums again fast and keeping afloat. Another example of a standard power metal track written as it should be.

“Pyramids of Egypt” has Yngwie Malmsteen written all over it! Epic soloing to a heavy strong riff, again the keyboards are huge, the time changes and the fast drumming. The guitars are mental throughout this track, and the singer’s vocals again are almost superhuman, before the power metal style comes back in again. What else would you expect?

The final track is a 13 minute instrumental called “Sailing Around The World” and again is full of time changes, slow to fast , the huge power metal sound to the medieval sound. Then it goes to a sound that Steve Vai would be proud of! It’s just so confusing! Why you need such a long instrumental track (or another instrumental for that matter) is beyond me and kind of ruins the album for me in a way.

Overall, the album is great in places, but too much emphasis is placed on their ability to play. They clearly have the talent, but they really don’t need to push it so far. The amount of instrumental music on this album is more than any normal song they have on this album. If you like power metal, then you will like this, but they need to tone down the instrumentals. It ruins otherwise what could have been a fantastic power metal album.

3 Star Rating

1. Entering the Gate
2. Land of Fantasy
3. The Dawn of Journey
4. Territory of Memories (Atlantis)
5. Civilization
6. The Sun of Aztec
7. Alexander the Great
8. Pyramids of Egipt
9. Sailing Around the World
Ohm S. Dejkong - Bass
Bookkie P. Phanrath - Drums
Oatdy P. Kertpanich - Guitars
Biggie P. Phanrath - Guitars, Keyboards
Ake N. Kertpanich - Vocals
Record Label: Avatarn Records


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