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Melodius Deite - Elysium

Melodius Deite
by Craig Rider at 24 December 2020, 9:48 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: MELODIUS DEITE; signed via Art Gate Records; hailing from Thai grounds - performing Progressive/Power Metal, on their 4th album entitled: “Elysium” (released October 23rd, 2020).

Since formation in 2007 (as MELODIUS until 2012) the quintet in question have 4 albums in their discography so far: “Dream On” (released November 2nd, 2008), “Episode II: Voyage Through The World Of Fantasy” (released March 10th, 2014); “Episode III: The Archangels And The Olympians” (released March 31st, 2018) & this here album that I am introduced to entitled: “Elysium”. 11 tracks ranging at around 45:05… MELODIUS DEITE arranges an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Progressive/Power Metal amalgamations.

Opening up with this static wave of electrifying fragments, MELODIUS DEITE unearths this thunderous barrage; frenzied into a blistering amplify that surges with progressively technical trailblazing stability. This synergetic momentum within "Destructive Chaos" insinuates just that, sonically seamless pandemonium revels with uniquely versatile vehemence; while striking with these quantum maelstrom manifestations that rifts with sturdy tightness & weighty steamrolling instrumental diversity where mostly symphonically tempestuous varieties storm this wider yet wild blend in cinematic atmospheres while merging this extreme development in a complex but constructive distinctive where these massive musical outrès merges this riveting ramification with dynamic virtuosity & quintessential intrigue intruding eardrums with surprising creativity.

Consisting of Yama-B on vocals, the frontman excels at a harmonically but clean aesthetic on rich roaring pipes that yell with organically thrilling throatiness; sometimes shouty, sometimes raspy while sometimes fuelling guttural growls to this soaring in a mostly operatic panache… this singer performs with this sporadic variety on immensely high-pitched persistency that surges with meticulous fluidity. "Love Or Lust" dynamically orchestrates this outburst on profusely robust catchiness, crafting flamboyant finesse while this volatile zest distils a chiselling attribute on these neoclassical elements and immersively diligent hooks fret a hybrid dimension on experimental firepower where keyboard/pianist Diego Zapatero implements crazy loops of towering but eccentric hymns flair a dexterously epic dynamic on persevering rompiness.

"Gluttonous Being" belts with these punchy guitar hooks from guitar/keyboardist Biggie P. Phanrath, solidifying this thunderous jumpiness of meaty riffs and angelic but sulphurous rhythms that showcase wildly rushing progression with these relentless technicalities that brilliantly hypnotise one with mesmerising & majestic triggers where the over the top nimbleness within these quirky representations of aural contrast with the organic substance of rapidly swift snappiness provide this killer but inventive kick on lacerating grit tenfold.

"Covetousness" begins with this speedy piano solo until converging blistering finger work with these semi-savage gutturals, and dark passages that revolve around a bruising crescendo on overflowing solos with jarring but hardened mid-tempos that will rattle skulls in no time. This evolving ability in blitzing heaviness harnesses this marvellous sensation on wicked tendencies, while massive wow factors embellishes a grandiose shine on salubrious songwriting musicianship that will unleash an everlasting sublimity within speakers and eardrums which will resonate while spellbinding your soul with glorious amusement.

On the audible bass, Chanin Shinken injects an infectiously drilling thump on rambunctiously rampant rollicks that chug into a borderline foundation on chunky expertise, "Acts Of Failure" articulates in distinctively distinguished characteristics of these old school yet modernized licks of groovy grandeur, grinding with slaying reverberation & rumbling distortion drives into this symphonic overture of tunefully resonate systematics that’s just an all incredibly idiocentric transformation on musical subtlety. “Wrath Of The Zealots” stomps with this steely precision on rambunctious piledriving thrashiness bulldozing into a boisterously bouncy calamity on rompy rampancy from hammering drummer Saton Tinnaluk who slams the set with fundamental flexibility; especially in “Malicious Envy” …everything just sounds so refreshing while remaining mightily motoring & mellifluously euphonic as can be.

Vainglorious Pride” captivates in fable yet monumental transgression where poetic heroism entails a fascinating consistency on magical jazziness where singsong chorus lines establish an awesomely enthralling enchantment on radical but cutting-edge revolutionaries that will make you raise your fists in the air as well as chant those narrative nuances with utmost upbeat splendour while air guitaring in a bombastic way.  “Neo Utopia” starts off with this deadly but foreboding and menacing slab of mellow yet rocketing presences, where impactfully effective strums merge this striking pursuit on gnarly gravitation that joyfully dances into a scattering slice of enthusiastic but elegantly exquisite rips that I personally just couldn’t get enough of…until closing as it did begin. While the penultimate track”Novelist” enlists a new re-recorded version that unleashes this squall of storming velocity, while strong sanguinity unites this pleasing feel.

Overall concluding “Elysium” with the finale epic, a bonus track titled: “Various Seasons”; where more of those spirited yet jazzy rifts assemble an ambitiously crunchy and chunky detail that results with an extreme culmination on bluesy but heavy instrumental diligence that will either have you want to break chairs over other chairs, or just listen with fulfilling enjoyability.

Bottom line; I am compelled to say that MELODIUS DEITE most surely outdone themselves with “Elysium” it’s always exhilarating in discovering bands from places like Thailand to see what they offer to the table, this here band certainly exceeded my original expectations and delivered a fantastic amount of joyous replayability that most definitely deserves a listen or at least a handful more. Worthy of your time, I would say! Check it out, most worthy of a few spins!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Destructive Chaos
2. Love Or Lust
3. Gluttonous Being
4. Covetousness
5. Acts Of Failure
6. Wrath Of The Zealots
7. Malicious Envy
8. Vainglorious Pride
9. Neo Utopia
10. Novelist (New Version)
11. Various Seasons (Bonus Track)
Biggie P. Phanrath - Guitars/Keyboards
Chanin Shinken - Bass
Saton Tinnaluk - Drums
Diego Zapatero - Keyboards/Piano
Yama-B - Vocals
Record Label: Art Gate Records


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