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Members of God – Ten Talking Words

Members of God
Ten Talking Words
by Jorge “The Zarto” Zamudio at 13 February 2012, 9:40 PM

Religion… one of the hardest themes for me, just because I don’t believe in any of them, but I’ve always tried to respect the credence of the rest of the people, they are as free as I am to think and believe in what they want, so for this review I won’t talk about the lyrics and the concept, and I’ll just keep my criticism in the music.

MEMBERS OF GOD belong to a new movement in the Metal scene, Oriental Metal; they are newcomers on this wave of music, since the pioneers ORPHANED LAND has managed to make a big way in the world for this kind of music, they have an easier… well let’s say not so hard path to walk. First of all, they have a good manage of the tempos; they are good musicians and composers, the rhythm changes are good and came at appropriate times in the songs, their talent is not only as a whole, but as individuals, good instrumentalists, and hell (sorry for that) they are so young, I look at their picture and think: “I’ve done nothing with my life, I should die right after I finish this.”.

The guitars sound so clean and good, the keys harmonize perfectly and the percussion is simply amazing, the riffs are good and changing, fitting with the bass lines, drums are just the perfect background with the sense of the Middle East given by the keyboards. But nothing is perfect (WHY God, Devil, Alá, Buddha…WHY) here comes the bad thing: the vocals, this voice is so lifeless, so boring, that makes an astonishing album to simply good… the voice is so plain and bad, that I won’t say any more about it, because it surely will destroys the good impression that this band gives.

“Ten Talking Words” is very, very good in the musical aspect, the voice is not good, but this is recommended only to those who can appreciate music aside concept, if you could not make that, avoid this and keep hailing Satan, but if your mind gives you the possibility to open your thoughts in new directions, give this a try, maybe this will like you, maybe not, but you will see the talent and the energy in this album, even with the 1435 intro that it has.

3 Star Rating

1. Opening
2. Someone Knows
3. Talking Words
4. Magical Water
5. Promise of Happiness
6. The Sense
7. My Friendship
8. It's Saturday
9. The Value Of Past
10. People
11. Don't Murder
12. Like Empty Lyrics
13. Decline
14. Power and Fire
15. Secrecy
16. Don't Desire
17. Outro
Jahn from Wind - Bass, Vocals
Ruel from Earth - Drums, Percussion
Uriel from Fire - Guitars (lead), Vocals
Rob from Water - Keyboards, Synths
Jesus of Nazareth - Vocals, Guitars (acoustic)
Record Label: Copro Records


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