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Memoria - The Midnight Ball (CD)

The Midnight Ball
by Yiannis Doukas at 27 September 2007, 1:53 PM

MEMORIA is the sound reflection of thoughts, visions that whirling into Mr. Jonathan Carroll's mind. With the help of Mr. Basley and after four years of the Winterdark demo we have the debut The Midnight Ball. Basically, this album is an independent release under the distribution of  Australian label Prime Cuts.
Now, forget anything that has to do with heavy metal, ok? The special sounds of The Midnight Ball are constructed upon classical guitar and vocals. Sometimes you can hear drums, some sound effects or parts of movies but the atmosphere is based on these guitars.
Melodies that lead to some kind of euphoria, their musical journey contain nostalgia, recalling moments of the past or to proclaim a renewal. Works perfect as a calming pill after your return from a difficult day in your job and the need to relax, during night-times, where your company is the light of stars, a glass of red wine and the wind that blows to the trees.
It's a little bit difficult to find something from the metal sound that is close to them. Have you ever listened to PRIMORDIAL's efforts with classical guitars? The first track here is close to these of their second album. Another one may be OPETH in correlating moments. Put also some sounds like someone is digging in a cemetery, steps upon a road in the night or shrieks of a distant mental asylum as it is written in their info paper.
It's difficult to avoid boredom if someone does a whole album with these sonic materials but MEMORIA has passed this trap easily. Do you need something complete different?

3 Star Rating

The Midnight Ball
From The Theatre
Into The Mist
Dining With Mr.W
Jonathan Carroll - Music, Lyrics, Guitars, Vocals, Sound Effects
Prof. Basley - Drums, Synth, Sound Effects
Record Label: Prime Cuts Music


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