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Memories In Broken Glass - Enigma Infinte

Memories In Broken Glass
Enigma Infinte
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 16 May 2017, 3:05 PM

MEMORIES IN BROKEN GLASS is a Progressive Metal/Metalcore outfit from San Antonio, Texas, USA. I wasn’t able to garner much information on the band, except that they have previously released one full-length album and one EP. They present here their 2017 release entitled “Enigma Infinite,” which contains ten tracks. Texas isn’t exactly a hot bed for Progressive Metal, or maybe it is and I am just not aware? So maybe these guys have cornered that market there? Let’s get to the tracks and hear for ourselves. These genres (Progressive Metal and Metalcore) have melded lately in many new releases that I have heard, and the sound works quite well in my opinion. The toughness of Metalcore vocals and instrumentation can be met with the mellow leanings of Prog music. Throw in some odd time signatures and you have something very different from the past.

I hear mostly Metalcore as I dive into “Search and Discover,” though the clean vocals and melodies in the chorus add some real texture to this sound, an almost ode to COHEED AND CAMBRIA’s pop writing sensibility  at times. “Through The Eyes of Deception” has a hard Djent heavy rhythm in the verses, combining both clean and harsh vocals that is supported nicely with ambiance in the background. Once again, a big chorus caps off the sound, with a lot of Prog elements. “As The Tables Turn” definitely solidifies my earlier remark about some influence from COHEED AND CAMBRIA. If, of course, the aforementioned band took a stroll down a dark path. The comparison comes mostly from the range and rhythm of the clean vocals. “Contrast of Despair” is a slower, more introspective piece where the emotional elements run strongly, even among the heavier passages of the song.

“Waves” might be the track that brings all of the various elements together the best, melting them until the separate parts become one, in a creamy bowl of bliss. I find that I did not want this song to end, and went back to it several times, finding new delight in each new listen. “The Constant” is another winner. There is a good balance of heavy riffing, background effects, and harmonies that draw you in with ease. The quieter passage after the second chorus adds another layer to the track. Very detailed songwriting indeed. “Odyssey” is an instrumental journey of sorts as it sounds, with a trippy intro, like you have discovered a wormhole to another dimension. This more tender side of the album is welcomed in my opinion, providing a straight up melodious song. “Ember” is the closer. The despondent cello notes and emotionally charged vocals are a great way to end an album. There is a real soul bearing quality to this song and everything culminates perfectly.

This is an excellent album, and one that fans of Progressive Metal and Metalcore alike will find to their liking. More than this, it’s the way the two styles are combined that make it a strong listen. Some Progressive music can be fairly wayward for many fans, and some Metalcore too formulated for others. As with all music, there is redeeming bands in each and every genre however, and “Enigma Infinite” has struck a very nice balance between these genres. The album is engaging, stimulating and just plain good to listen here. This is a band that you would want to keep an eye on, because the sky is the limit for where they can go from here.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Search and Discover
2. Though the Eyes of Deception
3. As The Tables Turn
4. Contrast of Despair
5. Waves
6. The Constant
7. Echoes of Command
8. Odyssey
9. A Million Voices
10. Ember
Saul Castillo - Vocals
Mark Martinez - Guitar/ Vocals
Justin Garcia - Guitar
George Frank Garcia - Drums
Randy King - Bass/ Vocals
Robert Beltran - Producer/Sound
Record Label: Hammer Forged Records


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