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Memory In Plant - An Epic Triumph

Memory In Plant
An Epic Triumph
by Isha Shah at 20 October 2014, 4:09 PM

New to the scene, MEMORY IN PLANT are crossing paths with the modern world, to bring back a bit of Psychedelic Rock. Origination from Israel, an area where the music scene isn't as hyped up, gives the band their own unique trademark.

With the first song, names after themselves, it seems more devilish and darker than the rest of the tracks, as it’s hard hitting psychedelic sound is heard, sending you awkward goosebumps and tingles. Quite a complicated mixes of sound are exposed making you feel quite uncomfortable as a first track, it doesn’t quite seem to settle you in with ease.

Allowing us to explore deeper, “This Love” settles the atmosphere down with more groovy riffs that are built on layers of complex mixes that seem to work well within the tracks boundaries. Pushing forth to be the most noble song, MEMORY IN PLANT chuck even more twists towards the end of this track, chaining it completely to be it’s own.

A very acquired taste would have to be adapted for the expressions they make as the abstract sounds are heavily mixtures of traditional souls with an idler curve. Starting to hear less voice and more noises, you’re easily lost in the hectic buildup of cries that you don’t quite know where to focus, each song slowly becomes a blend of another and there is no clear distinguishes. Psychedelic music is always pushing boundaries to stand out, as “An Epic Triumph” does this superfluously.

Ending the trance with “Any Dancing”, MEMORY IN PLANT have experimented greatly with echoes of sounds, which is creditworthy however as a whole there is no concrete flow which binds the tracks together in an album.

2 Star Rating

1. Memory Implant
2. This Love
3. Shame On Me
4. Eyes Up
5. Rainy Veins
6. Any Dancing
Chen Firsel
Yehiel Hamou
Imri Cohen
Record Label: Independent


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