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Memphis May Fire - Broken

Memphis May Fire
by John Paul Romero at 27 January 2019, 11:58 PM

Tennessee based Metalcore act MEMPHIS MAY FIRE has always been one of those bands that continuously evolved over the course of time and consistently shifted to a different approach in every release. On 16th of November of the previous year, they released their seventh form, “Broken” via Rise Records. Since the first single (“The Old Me”) off of the new album was released, there had been lots of speculations on how this record would sound. It still has the pop-punk influences and a strong foundation of Metalcore but it lacks a certain ingredient: screamed vocals. As usual, singles pretty much says nearly everything about the new album so I’ll leave it here: if you are a Metalcore fan who prefers lots of screams, this album might not please you that much.

Another thing I have noticed is that the riffs are nearly nonexistent, and if there are clear and cleanly delivered riffs, it sounds a bit off-form. Songs “Sell My Soul” and “Who I Am” depict it all. The above mentioned songs also leaned heavily on lots of poppy elements especially auto-tune and its really pop inspired drum beat. The succeeding song “Heavy is the Weight” doesn’t help with the rather down-sloping trend at all. The entirety of the song is boring and nothing would catch your attention at all. But that’s until the bridge arrives – that part really caught my attention – but not in a good way. What’s with it, you ask? A hip-hop rap fill. A rap fill, for real? That was undeniably the most awful part of this album. It was like they needed to fill that void and simply decided “just rap to fill this gap so we can go home already”.

Although majority of the album is dominated by disappointments (I’m not sorry) there however are some bright moments where the energy suddenly rises and turns the excitement on. The single and first track “The Old Me” is a decent song with a catchy tune and I got no problem if it lacked screams, it can stand on its own. The second track “Watch Out” is also a good one, opening in a high-intensity manner and continuing the hype all throughout. There is only one moment here that kinda stuck out like a sore thumb – the scream “We run this town!” in the bridge is a bit unnecessary. Overall, the album is still quite enjoyable despite the lacking creativity in terms of music and lyricism. But you must lower your standards a bit and don’t expect too much as this might be MEMPHIS MAY FIRE’s worst release.

Songwriting: 5
Originality: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 5

3 Star Rating

1. The Old Me
2. Watch Out
3. Sell My Soul
4. Who I am
5. Heavy is the Weight
6. Over It
7. Fool
8. Mark My Words
9. You And Me
10. Live Another Day
Kellen McGregor – Lead Guitars
Corey Elder – Bass
Matty Mullins – Vocals
Jake Garland – Drums
Record Label: Rise Records


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Edited 06 December 2022

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