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Mental Cavity – Neuro Siege

Mental Cavity
Neuro Siege
by Santiago Puyol at 21 January 2020, 10:23 AM

Australian Death Metal band MENTAL CAVITY has released their third album "Neuro Siege", the follow-up to 2017’s "Aneurysm". It is a brutal yet fun record lasting a little over half-an-hour, filled with thrashy drumming and meaty riffing. Opener "Infiltrators" sets the tone for most of the record. It is a fast-paced, ruthless headbanged. The interplay between the band’s two vocalists allows the harsh vocals to avoid the monotone it can get with other bands. A couple of neat shredding solos cap things off. The first third of the record follows a similar formula.

The title track shows the capabilities of Alex Young and Simon Murphy as a tight rhythm section, while laying down a memorable lead guitar line. "Subjected to Irritants" trades riffs in syncopated manner while subtle tempo shifts keeps things in motion. Weird atmospheric synths bridge the song with "Searing Wire", a track with an infectiously catchy chorus. The middle section of the record goes for a more diverse sound. "Writhe" starts with more of a traditionally Death Metal sound, before falling a little into Death’N’Roll territory, sounding like MOTÖRHEAD on steroids. Things return to syncopated riffing and blast beats for its second half.

"Spoiled" takes a couple of pages from BLACK SABBATH’s early work, from riff building to psychedelic vocal effects and overall mood. It is a dark but not exactly bleak song, with a groove to it, and a sinister, Doom-tingled main riff. Meanwhile, "Artificial Integration" moves between Speed Metal frantic chaos and sludgy, dirge-like sections, never sounding off with its tempo shifts. The brutal approach of the first four tracks comes back into play on the last four. "Dismantled" and "Eradicate Replace" are those closer to the formula. "Corroded", still a fast-paced banger introduces some weird samples and psychedelic sounds on its second half.

"Terra Immundus" functions as a great closer with its intricate songwriting, building towards a climax having a little more time to do so in comparison with the rest of the album. Although it is just a little over four minutes in length, it feels quite different, and it allows several ideas to grow in it. Although not necessarily a problem, many of the faster tracks on the album seem to resolve into random ambient noises, as if the band did not know how to end properly some of the songs or did not want them to be shorter. It gets a little repetitive and makes for a weird choice, especially considering the record as a whole shows the band knows their way around songwriting.

Overall, MENTAL CAVITY deliver an enjoyable record with "Neuro Siege", one that leaves you waiting for more as it ends even before you realize it.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Infiltrators
2. Neuro Siege
3. Subjected to Irritants
4. Searing Wire
5. Writhe
6. Spoiled
7. Artificial Integration
8. Dismantled
9. Corroded
10. Eradicate Replace
11. Terra Immundus
Aaron Osborne – Vocals/Guitar
Alex Young – Vocals/Bass
Rohan Todd – Guitar
Simon Murphy – Drums
Record Label: Brilliant Emperor Records


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Edited 24 March 2023

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