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Mentally Defiled – The Thrash Brigade

Mentally Defiled
The Thrash Brigade
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 22 September 2010, 6:09 PM

Old school Thrash Metal from the pits of Greece has always been a pleasure to listen and to have. For some time this Thrash scene has been blasting its way into recognition with speed and aggression out from the 80's. Although this scene is rather young in comparison to other giant Thrash scenes as the US, Germany and the UK, its hammer blow will be felt soon enough. Bands as CRUCIFIER, RELEASED ANGER, DRUNKARD and this review's MENTALLY DEFILED will surely speed their way to success one day. Nevertheless, on their way to the heights of Thrash, MENTALLY DEFILED should try to elevate their level of music with a small effort in order to be more diverse.

The band's debut release on display, "The Thrash Brigade", presents the true face of Thrash that was retained in the late 80's in the US and Europe. The similarities to the old forms of EXODUS, MEGADETH, VIO-LENCE and even some of the German blood of KREATOR and SODOM, have taken the band into writing malevolent riffs which will strike a violent form of heaviness into one's face. As their hit title, "Moshpit Maniac", inflicted so it will happen to whoever might take a tumble or just play crazy in their gigs. On the other hand, I found out, after a couple of spins, that "The Thrash Brigade", on its amazing late 80's production, yet with a bit faults as low volume solos, and its thrashy / politically affiliated material, is not something that I haven't heard before and certainly not the peak of development.

Many metalheads worldwide probably noticed that renewing the old school, even though it's a blessing and a "must" action, brought the re-appearance of a vast line of riffages and passages that were used before. Some bands developed themselves and used the old riffs to enhance their style in order to make it more interesting and attractive. On the other hand, other bands tended to reshape those riffs and use them on their own material. Well, "copy" is rather a harsh word because in the end, no band has the wish to be copycat of another band. MENTALLY DEFILED has that sort of level of being too much similar, which is defined mostly by their way of writing songs. Their musical choice is to be intense, and for an old school Thrash fan as me and others like me it will break some bones. Yet, while listening more to their songs like"Necrohooligan", "The Thrash Brigade", "Politisize" and "Lunar Chaos", which are a good, flowing and rampaging tunes, sound too much the same to me. The similarities are between themselves and other bands. I can't say that MENTALLY DEFILED aren't creative, yet, I can't seem to find the thrill that I found on other Thrash Metal albums of this caliber.

"The Thrash Brigade" joined the widespread assault of the new wave of Thrash of the 00's. MENTALLY DEFILED tried to breath the same air as it was in the 80's. Their work is noted and can create that same moshpit mania as any other Speed/Thrash band can assemble. Nevertheless, they should try to use their admiration for the old Thrash flame and their love for the great 80's sound in order to compose something more of their own.

3 Star Rating

  1. Prelude To Vio-Lence
  2. Necrohooligan
  3. MoshPit Maniac
  4. The Thrash Brigade
  5. Schizophrenic
  6. Lunar Chaos
  7. Politisize
  8. Leatherface (Watch Me Die)
  9. The Thrash Brigade (extended version)
George "Ironbeast" - Vocals
Alex - Guitar
George - Guitar
George - Bass
Bill Tsafas - Drums
Record Label: Thrash Massacre Records


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Edited 07 February 2023

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