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Mephistophelian – Anotos Award winner

by "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams at 02 November 2020, 8:17 AM

Mephistophelian - If someone calls you mephistophelian, they're commenting on your devilish nature or your gleeful wickedness. For example, the supervillain known as The Joker has a particularly mephistophelian laugh

The band have been together for 11 years. They released a Promo Demo back in 2014, and this is their first full-length release. The reason perhaps was the departure of drummer Črt Valentić, who left in 2016. He was only replaced earlier this year by the current drummer. Romain Goulon. Was it all worth the wait? Let us find out.

Abysmal Discord Endeavour” opens up the album in style, no slow intro, just fast-paced fury. Great start, allowing us to appreciate the power of the instrumentals before the introduction to the equally aggressive vocal approach. The band blends it all as one well and it has a great sound.  The song may not be a long one, but we heard a lot in it. The sounds of potential talent are easy for anyone to hear. The varieties in the melodies also allow us to work out they will mix and match the sounds in the album. Great start.

A Void Reminiscence” does not hold back either. From the off, it has not dropped the pace one bit. The aggression is easy to hear, but the well-balanced melodies work together immensely to create the harmonies. They are not holding back at all. The outbursts from the vocals are great with the pace as Deni never seems to miss a beat alongside his bandmates. Keeping this album ticking over nicely.

The Purge” goes with a clean-cut, piercing riff to start us off, then kicks back and goes full frenzy as we have heard already. The new addition of the clean-cut guitar adds a great new depth to the song and the album in itself. This is new and effective. They are keeping things fresh and keeps my level of interest at a peak.

Primal Un-Godliness” takes off without knowing the previous song has ended, they blend as one magnificently. The riffs are a little different, which still keeps it fresh and new.  The melodies are still similar to how the album is setting them out. The aggression is never-ending. The passion they have ut in so far is phenomenal. It is all catchy and I loved them all so far.

Omnipotent” keeps up the high intense starts, they don’t seem to know another way, no one will complain. The melodies are expanding and without saying progressing, they are going through the motions to pique the interest levels as well as their levels. It is hard-hitting and effective. There is little I can find an error with. Well played.

Flesh Canvas” does start slow, so much for what I had just mentioned. It seems like it is building up to something. It is a good use of tempo as a mid-album song. Allowing us to enjoy what we have heard so far and look forward to the rest of the albums. The aggressive vocals soon kick in and the rest of the instrumentalists follow suit. The song has been flipped over and everything has changed, flawlessly.

Without Contingent for Prosperity” opens up slowly again, maybe this is a new feature they are doing for the second half of the album? The song is darker, gloomier to start, but it doesn’t last long until the pace is picked up. Not so much the aggression on this one to start. It’s the slowest song on the album so far, this is not a bad thing at all.  It soon kicks out the slowness and explodes a few times with furious aggression.

Shroudslice” starts frantically, no more slow intros here. Aggression on the vocals has returned, although the dynamite pace has been removed once again. The album isn’t fading out, it's just trying a new approach because the melodies are still hitting their peak.

F.E.A.R.” has gone all out, the full-blown pace and tempo are now at max levels with the aggression coming in heavy too. The album was slowing down ever so slightly, but this song picks it back up. Technical riffs and melodies on here are some of the best on the album, without a doubt.

Violation of the Mind” is the final song of a brilliant album. The pace is once again, sky-high. The band seems to have gelled immensely well with their skills, talents and sounds. The intensity is right up to the final note, there is no fading away here. This is pure talent.

An amazing debut album. Not a single fault here. If you like faster, more frantic, maybe more modern Death Metal, then this will go into your playlists. It has gone into mine.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Abysmal Discord Endeavour
2. A Void Reminiscence
3. The Purge
4. Primal Un-Godliness
5. Omnipotent
6. Flesh Canvas
7. Without Contingent for Prosperity
8. Shroudslice
9. F.E.A.R.
10. Violation of the Mind
Deni Petraš – Lead Vocals
Kristjan Bajuk – Guitars
Dalibor Vladič – Bass Guitar
Renato Jurejevčič – Guitars
Romain Goulon – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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