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Mephorash - 1557 Rites Of Nullification Award winner

1557 Rites Of Nullification
by Craig Rider at 06 January 2016, 2:22 PM

What's up Black Metal maniacs? I'm here once again to give you an insight on MEPHORASH and their new attempt: “1557 - Rites Of Nullification”, and it is blinding.

Once again, I embark on an epic journey through an educational Black Metal experience.
This is a short but damn sweet album; Black Metal is notorious for having fairly long tracks in this case; with: “1557 - Rites Of Nullification”, each song is about 10 minutes long in total, and every track has some great surprises in store. Tight sound production; atmospheric brilliance, and just musical integrity that most big bands should take note of.

Hailing from Swedish grounds comes this Black Metal quintet with a sound that's; deadly; enjoyable, and just outright killer. For myself, until I started reviewing more and more Black Metal bands; I slowly continue to understand its concept and start to appreciate this genre a lot more than I ever have done. So, I must thank Metal Temple for opening my mind to such brilliance.

What blows my mind about MEPHORASH is from the beginning track: “Riphyon - The Tree Of Assiyah Putrescent”, I quickly sensed a concept album in my midst. With each track telling a story of manifestations of historic events (fictional of course); comes a great story teller but also a musical masterpiece of Black Metal greatness. What got me thinking that “1557 - Rites Of Nullification” is masterful; is just the sheer quality and musical build up of killer sound production and just… awe-inspiring amazement. This is evident in the second track: “Pehzur - Dissolving The Sea Of Yetzriah”, The main but noteworthy riff just sounded glorious and absolutely killer. I have never heard of such a brutal but packing riff for a long time.

Each band member pull off some incredible musical talent; I can't stress that enough, adding on some fabulous pianist instrumentation which was noteworthy in the final track “Berberioth - Vandalising The Throne Of Atziluth” (on top of some extremely brutal riffs and pounding bass and drums). The entire album is pure darkness and ritualistic. “Mishbar Bovmeph” unleashes Hebrew vocals while still sounding deadly. And the rest of the band: “ Mashkelah M'ralaa”, “Ayram Etaumiel” and “N. Tengner”: pump out some incredible riffs and drumming skills that you should bow to while drinking from your chalices!

To me, MEPHORASH is a band of perfection. I can only imagine how great these guys would be Live. My only gripe would be… “1557 - Rites Of Nullification” could have been longer! But 4 tracks lasting exactly 40 minutes long is pretty much album worthy, anyway.

So what else can I say? Is this a band worthy of your time? YES. That is all I'll say on that point. If you love some atmospheric music that you can potentially meditate to; look no further, enjoy this via their Bandcamp for free and judge for yourselves. If you don't; you may miss some uniquely constructed innovation, which can only be found in the depths of the shadowy realms of Black Metal. You most definitely won't regret it. (In my opinion).

4 Star Rating

1. Riphyon - The Tree Of Assiyah Putrescent (Feat. N. Tengner)
2. Pehzur - Dissolving The Sea Of Yetzriah
3. Cheidolun - Destroying The Blade Of Beriah
4. Berberioth - Vandalising The Throne Of Atziluth
Mishbar Bovmeph - Bass, Backing Vocals
Mashkelah M'ralaa - Vocals
Ayram Etaumiel - Guitars
N. Tengner - Vocals
Record Label: Odium Records


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