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Mercury Circle - The Dawn of Vitriol

Mercury Circle
The Dawn of Vitriol
by Craig Rider at 10 September 2020, 11:54 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: MERCURY CIRCLE; signed via Noble Demon Records, hailing from Finnish grounds - performing Dark Metal/Synth/ Electro Doom, on their debut EP entitled: "The Dawn Of Vitriol" (released August 14th, 2020). Since formation in 2019; the quintet in question have only this here debut EP in their discography so far entitled: "The Dawn Of Vitriol", 5 tracks ranging at around… 30:27, MERCURY CIRCLE arrange an intricately designed formula of some heavy-hitting Dark Metal/Synth/Electro Doom amalgamations.

Opening up with the softly orchestrated yet medieval/gothic combined atmosphere entitled: “Oil Of Vitriol”; from what seems like an enchanting yet mysterious place of other-worldly, territorial landscapes that rivet with this unique soundscape using synthesized organics while this spoken-word yet robotic ritual of majestic & symbolic conception both materialize this mesmerizing voice over that gives a chilling but easy-listening Electronic Doom aesthetic brilliantly create a hallowed ground of daunting yet melancholic static. Pizzicato strings also build into an epic, but foreboding flavour while outbursting with operatic versatility, vehement substance & this systematic pattern that flows into an ambient affair of Dark Metal transparency. This reminds me heavily of the Video Game DEATH STRANDING; with the ghastly/hauntingly daunting eeriness of the mass scarcity of life, and ghostly lifeforms that world lays upon thee…while also reminding me of the alienation in outer space conceptualised from JEFF WAYNE’S MUSICAL VERSION OF THE WAR OF THE WORLDS - a crazy converge for sure yet works mindfully well if you put your brain to it.

MERCURY CIRCLE distils a frightening but cold essence of this ruinated yet unholy presence in an apocalyptic timefall, where the world is immersed into a sulphurous yet malicious slab of solid vitriol. The blackened but blasphemous beginning not only sets the stage for a dungeon/ castle-esquire embellished culmination; but gives listeners goosebumps into your soul as it delivers a healthy dose for an adventurous hybrid in conquering boundaries/experimentation, division and god-like implementation…however, bong-bangs savagely pound while this quintessential virtuose showcases this sacramental manifestation with meticulous ramifications.

Consisting of Jaani Peuhu who performs on vocals/guitars/synths; the frontman excels at an harmonised attribute in intriguing characteristics where the vocals are clean, high-pitched while sometimes throaty…the guitars fret into a blistering but groovy amplify of punchy yet rhythmic triggering within the sombre solace of “The Beauty Of Agony” for a boisterously bouncy calamity…which quickly fades back into mellifluous yet mystical but euphonic entrance. Sometimes; I hear an abundant amount of synth-pop remedies that do heavily remind me of a band called LOW ROAR, their soothing yet tranquil quaintness elements a strong outré of panache that merges the gnarly but composed serenity that MERCURY CIRCLE marvellously joint with metal scatters that this distinctively distinguished experience combines in.

Jussi Hämäläinen also contributes an exquisite but acoustic/electric guitar hymns which revels with more synthetic yet rich potency with a lot of vibrant quirkiness; his backing vocals transpire a beautiful but deadly synergy of stimulating growls, in which portrays with striking surges while using some raspy yells. The previous track supplies this ravishing mixture of ponderous density, and a borderline foundation of some incredible instrumental finesse while this tempestuous synergy flamboyantly crafts crunchy hints of bombast in which sonically trailblazing with monstrously meaty jumpiness…still very barren but dexterously dynamic as they proficiently keeps this varied and complex. “Black Flags” directs an impactfully balanced yet poetic towering of lyricism while aiming at this simplistic yet salubrious aura in beating electronica; flinty expression in austere emotion and plaintive melodies, shrouding into a leaning flair of slight weightiness mid-way.

The penultimate track: “The Last Fall” explores doom-laden diversity; while the record relies on the resonance of slow riffs, transparent yet persistently persevering without the use of electronica embodiments in which juxtaposes some smashing drum hammering from Juuso Raatikainen. Still nothing overly of the extreme kind; yet some killer laceration from shredding maelstrom 3rd guitar ripper: Juppe Sutela. momentously results with some skillful, yet progressively technical nimbleness who pursuits with some de-stressing but fluidly polished swiftness. Primitively pummelling with rambunctious yet still relaxing subtlety, while audible bassist Ande Kiiski injects an infectious but venomous thump of steely precision that rumbles with reverberating yet raw strums that string with variety & prodigious yet robust sharpness. This supergroup demonstrates a diligently detailed establishment of what these different backgrounds in their musical careers can profusely offer, in an unwinding swamp of hypnotic but enlightening and fulfilling flair that will most surely surprise you with the revealing hooks from everyone as they push forward for diversification & resounding performances.

Overall concluding the EP with the finale epic: “New Dawn”; that mid-portion…excellently introduces more mixes with influential ingredients even – with more simple strumming, jazz-infused fashion & more rompy rampency that slightly verges a healthy dose of some traditional desolation in which spellbinds your soul with groovy bass moods which magnetises this vibe of pleasing yet easy-listening enjoyability that most certainly deserves a handful of listens.

Bottom line; I am compelled to say that MERCURY CIRCLE is an entertaining discovery for sure, this revolving oscillation of imaginative innovation with these sub-genres definitely create a constructive deliverance that will make you marvel with these unprecedented fundamentals in flexible craftsmanship & awe-inspiring songwriting musicianship proficiencies. “The Dawn Of Vitriol” is an interesting EP for the next release to come, and will serve your musical taste if you are into these sub-genres that is. Have a go anyway, they’re pretty good.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Oil Of Vitriol
2. The Beauty Of Agony
3. Black Flags
4. The Last Fall
5. New Dawn
Jaani Peuhu - Vocals, Guitars, Synths
Jussi Hämäläinen - Guitars, Synths, Backing Vocals
Juppe Sutela. - Guitars
Ande Kiiski - Bass
Juuso Raatikainen - Drums
Record Label: Noble Demon Records


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