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Mercury Tide - Killing Saw Award winner

Mercury Tide
Killing Saw
by Jorge "The Zarto" Zamudio at 01 June 2012, 1:13 AM

And from the depths of the forgotten… Dirk Thurisch has risen again, and it was about time if I may say. ANGEL DUST is a band that’s not recognizable for their activity, but to keep the fans waiting for an album that may never come is cruel and nameless; at least Thurisch has some honor left in him and has decided to resuscitate a band that has been almost the same time dead. MERCURY TIDE is a band that has some mixtures, but always keeping a sound, weird in some ways, predictable in others, but amazing in its complexity, structures that have always changing directions and keeping a steady sound characteristics while providing identity to this release.

The percussion parts are perfect, there are a lot of talented guys here, the drummer is pretty good, always seemed to be having energy for the rhythms used in the songs, fast, mid-tempo, slow, it doesn’t matter, he always have something. Bass structures are strong and appropriated for each moment, constantly carrying the song and making the notorious bass stronger than ever. Something that is rather common in Power Metal bands.

Guitars are way better than I expected, good riffs, catching always making bang your head, and in the slow parts are good too. I love the tuning they use here in this album; it is almost like ANGEL DUST back in their superior days, solos rhythms and acoustics bringing good memories to my head (and to any ANGEL DUST fan). Thurisch is as good as always, keeping that high dark note, such beautiful. ANGEL DUST may have broken my illusions for many years, but Thurisch and MERCURY TIDE in a way told me that still there are musicians that take their job very seriously, and do more than just words for their music.

4 Star Rating

1. In the Shame of Trust (Intro)
2. Killing Saw
3. Home
4. Searching
5. World of Pain
6. Lord of Memories
7. Out of the Darkness
8. Alone in My Room
9. Satan Sister
10. You Cannot Save Me
11. No More Pain
12. Have No Fear
Christian Pohlmann - Bass
Carsten Rehmann - Drums
Sim Reaper - Keyboards
Dirk Thurisch - Vocals, Guitar
Record Label: Limited Access Records


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