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Merendine - New World Disorder

New World Disorder
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 03 August 2012, 10:37 AM

It was probably three years ago when I got MERENDINE ATOMICHE's latest album "Rude Rebel Brotherhood". This is an Italian band with a lot of attitude towards society and its bad manners. Through that album I had the chance to experience another Thrashcore band with hints of modern Rock. A few good examples are late era PANTERA, SOULFLY, late era SEPULTURA, HATEBREED and SHADOWS FALL. After a year or so, the band's label, Locomotive Music was dissolved and they were out searching for new opportunities. A while ago I was briefed that Metalville Records signed the band and will be releasing their new album "New World Disorder". Keeping up the same antagonism towards the crumbling social structure, MERENDINE ATOMICHE, now called MERENDINE, and once again concentrated their efforts to prove everyone wrong. Everything that has been going on around us is not ok. On the other hand, even with such provocative themes and discord against the grain, what about the music? What began as a promise continued and ended in a bitter taste.

As a big time Thrash fan, I don't think that MERENDINE should come into consideration when it comes down to this particular Metal subgenre. I had my fair share of both old and new school Thrash bands and believe me that MERENDINE barely fit the category. This one of those new Hardcore groove bands that once were playing Thrash and over the years changed things. Of course I have no problems with that, yet how about trying being a little bit more melodic than the stale and grey stuff that merely wreaked the album with its constant presence. I can't say that it went on with "Self-Destruction" and the hymn of "Stand Up And Fight". The former actually has what I distinguished as keyboards alongside the hardboard groove riffing and butchering annotations. On the latter track, the chorus produced an edge of its own with the fine catch phrase. The music is flowing and in a fine rate. Besides these two tracks, MERENDINE composed songs that could have been great promises living up to something better if only an additional layer of melodies would have been implemented. Songs like "The New Rebels", "New World Disorder" and "We Know The Trick" are examples why a melodic approach is so needed and regretfully it wasn't fulfilled. Pretty much that is the whole story of this album altogether.

This riff based album shows a band that began something and continued differently. MERENDINE might be an energetic pack of wolves but their music is repeating itself without an end. Moreover, the huge lack of melodic lead guitar verses, solos and licks is quite disturbing and somewhat ruined the listening experience. MERENDINE claims to be a melodic Thrashcore band, well it turned out to be only half right. They proved that they are worthy but with all of their experience, there is a way to go. However, for all of you groove lovers, it might be a nice trip.

3 Star Rating

1. The New Rebels
2. Revolution
3. We Know the Trick
4. Stand Up and Fight
5. Declaration
6. New World Disorder
7. Servants
8. Blind People
9. Freedom
10. Spin Doctors
11. Bandits
12. Self Destruction 
Luca Zandarin– Vocals
Luca Securo– Guitars
Dario Bianchi– Bass
Luca Cerardi- Drums
Record Label: Metalville Records


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