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Merging Flare - Revolt Regime

Merging Flare
Revolt Regime
by Cullen Baldridge at 26 July 2019, 4:08 PM

MERGING FLARE comes from Finland and basically arose from the ashes of a Melodic Metal band by the name of DISEASE that came to its end in 2000 and MERGING FLARE arose in 2001 with the same members as the final days of DISEASE. The 1st album to be released under the name MERGING FLARE was "Reverence" in 2011, bringing to the release of "Revolt Regime" June of 2019.

"Trailblazer" has an ACCEPT, MAIDEN AND PRIEST influence to it, it's an up-tempo display of power and melodic vocals such as the greats mentioned above. "Alliance In Defiance" is a battle cry type of song, the type of song that metal was built on, rising up and punching authority in the face. "Clarion Call" starts with one kick ass dirty riff, it tells a story of the days of Vikings and rising for what may be for the last time once again, leaving you with a feel of living free or Dying with honor. "The Abyss Of Time" was not what I was expecting at all, judging by the name, at the start of the song I had visions of Patrick Swayze in "Flashdance" the song has a theatrical feel, along with theatre type backing vocals.

"Minds Eye" is a song of traveling somewhere new, not knowing what it holds but in hopes of something better than what you left behind, finding a new land in your voyage. "War Within" is a song with deep bass lines, pounding drums and fast guitars, with Palm telling a story of a war within your head. "Midwinter Magic" is about the winter snow taking away your impurities in your mind and your body, making you feel pure once again. "Devastator" picks up the pace once again, falling back into the dark with choir like harmonizing vocals, steady and fast drums, the guitar and bass race along with the drums.

"Sin Against The Sinner" begins with a tease of a drum solo with the rest of the band joining in vastly, racing toward the finish line. "The Luck One" is a cover of a 1984 song by Laura Branigan, they did a good job covering the song.

Songwriting 7
Originality 6
Memorability 6
Production 8

3 Star Rating

1. Trailblazer
2.  Alliance In Defiance
3. Clarion Call
4. The Abyss Of Time
5. Minds Eye (Reaching Out)
6.War Within
7. Midwinter Magic
8. Devastator
9. Sin Against The Sinner
10. The Lucky One
Matius Palm - Vocals
KasperI Heikkinen - Guitar
Harri Leinonen - Bass
Henri Pyy - Drums
Record Label: Ram It Down Records


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