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Merging Flare - Reverence

Merging Flare
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 31 July 2011, 9:27 PM

As it seems for me, one thing is for sure, Euro Heavy / Power Metal will never cease to exist no matter what will happen to the worldwide Metal scene. Even though I am talking about a subgenre that many proclaim it as "Happy" Metal, how can really anyone let go of a sort of Metal that is so rapidly flowing. It can be simple, it can be complex but it will always keep the same pattern of the known catchiness. MERGING FLARE from Finland carved that same sure selling promise under their red flag.

It took them almost ten years to finally release their debut album, "Reverence", on their own after a few demos and splits. After that nearly a decade it took them to gather and release this album, I can proudly say that theirs' and their fans' wait was worthwhile. "Reverence" displayed MERGING FLARE as a passionate group that indulged the melodies that made Euro Heavy / Power Metal so strapping and meticulous. The riding on rainbows, storm or whatever they rode on made them close to high quality Germanic acts as GAMMA RAY, HELLOWEEN (Their earlier period of the 80s), IRON SAVIOR, RUNNING WILD and FREEDOM CALL.

I can also add that their production that made them sound as a part of a huge family of Euro bands, is almost practically the same as the bands I just lined up for you. Other than that, I think that MERGING FLARE's aim was simply to keep it true to basics of melodic Metal while dealing with energetic themes and music that will make their audience to open up their lyrics sheets and sing along with a bombastic theatrical display.

Another reason that I liked this album, beyond its popular like characteristics, was laid down under the band's efforts to slightly step out of the normal song attributes of the subgenre. Although they could have done way better like on several of their potential "could have been hits" tracks as for example "Under The Fire", they deserve a rightful credit on creating music that is beyond of what is normally applied. Even though that my true two favorites of the album, "At Daggers Drawn", "Steel Redeemer", both had the pleasure of hosting Kai Hansen of GAMMA RAY as a part of a duet show, and I can't forget the amazing Heavy Metal assault on the RIOT cover, were pretty much in the same formula as many songs of the same caliber, I did laid my eyes on several others.

"Killing Ground", "Terrordome", "Carved In Stone" and "Faker" showed me that MERGING FLARE, even if not so apparent at a first listen, did try to add a little bit of artistic sense to their common musical catch phrases. Their winning aspect was their well played melodies. Gladly that this lineup consisted of such talented guitar players that showcased both energetic shred solos apart from a long line of harmonies and other bombastic lead guitar licks. Therefore, beyond the so called call of duty on re-emerging with the same altitudes of this addictive subgenre, yet without so much happiness involved, MERGING FLARE with "Reverence" made their mark, even if in a modest form. I believe that someone should sign those guys up.      

4 Star Rating

1.At Daggers Drawn
3.Carved in Stone
5.In the Line of Fire
6.Steel Redeemer
7.Pride and Bravery
8.Killing Ground
9.Under the Fire
10.Star Odyssey
11.Sign of the Crimson Storm (Riot cover)
Henri Pyy– Drums
Harri Leinonen– Bass
Joni Hattuniemi– Guitars
Kasperi Heikkinen– Guitars
Matias Palm- Vocals
Record Label: Disentertainment Records


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